How do I find my friends?

You can search your friends' Plurk ID or display names, or use the Plurk app to scan your friends' Plurk QR code. And then you can find your friends' timeline!

How can I find plukers who share same hobbies with me?

You can search or try to find anything and anyone interesting on the homepage. You can also try to contact others who may be in your friends' social circles.

Can I add someone as friend or follow them?

If you think other plurkers are interesting, you can immediately follow them. If you want to add them as friends, try to communicate with them first. Please be polite.

How do I follow someone on Plurk?

You can click "follow" on others' pages, you will immediately become their fans. But if other plurkers' timelines are set private, you can't follow them.

How do I add someone on Plurk as a friend?

Just click the "add as friend" button on another users page. They will receive an notification on their Plurk page and an email. When they confirm your request, you two become friends on Plurk.

What's different between friends and followers?

Your friends can see your private plurks If you want. But your followers can see your only public plurks.

What is a "clique"?

A clique means that you can set a smaller group amongst your friends who share something in common. It's more convenient to post private plurks for your specific friends. Maybe 5 of your friends play on the same soccer team, or maybe 3 of your friends work at the same company or maybe 7 of your buddies go for beers and wings every Monday night. Cliques help you manage your friends on Plurk so that you can send plurks to only the friends who need to be notified.

Can I unfollow someone?

You can unfollow someone if clicking "unfollow" on someone's page

Can I add someone into the black list?

You can add someone into the black list. They will not see or can not reply your plurks.

Can I prevent someone from being my follower?

If you don't want someone to become your followers, you can add them into the black list. They won't see any your public plurks.