How do I change the Plurk ID?

You need to have a Plurk coin enabled to see this option, and additional 5 Plurk coins is needed to change Plurk ID. You can see this option in "Account" from “Settings”.

What will happen to my old Plurk ID after I change it?

Your all past plurks, friends, et cetera will turn into the new account.

You can choose if your old ID automatically redirect to your new ID.

How do I change the email address?

You can change it in the “Settings”→ “Account”. You need to verify your new email address, or it will be fail.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the “Settings”→ “Account”. We suggest you set a different password on Plurk from on other websites, and change your password per six months.

How can I do if I forget my password?

You can see a button "Forget My Password" on signing-in page. You need to type your Plurk ID or your email address, and then we'll send an email to change your password.

I click the "Forget Your Password" button, but I still don't receive any email. What can I do?

Please check your trash can. If you still can't find it, Please tell us through Contact Us. We will verify your authentication and help you reset your password.

Can I use two-factor authentication on my Plurk account?

Yes, Two-factor authentication is available on Plurk. You can set it it in the “Settings”→ “Account”.

Can I disable my account?

You can disable your account only on Plurk website. You can find this option in the “Settings”→ “Account”. If you want to restart your account, you only need to sign in again.

Can I delete my account?

Though we hope you won't use it, we still have this function.
You can delete your account only on Plurk website. You can find this option in the "Settings”→ “Account”.
Notice: You can't restore your Plurk account after deleting it. Please think twice before do that.

What can I do when my account is blocked?

You can click Contact Us below the website. We will check your account as soon as possible.
Notice: Advertisement or client accounts are forbidden.