What are Plurk Coins?

Plurk Coins () are virtual items available for purchase. You can buy them from Plurk yourself, or receive them from friends as gifts. Having Plurk Coins allows you to enjoy many new special features we have developed for Coin owners.

What features or services can you get with a Plurk Coin?

With just a single coin, you receive all of the following:

  1. Hide Ads
    You can choose whether or not you'd like to see ads, both on the website and in the official mobile apps. Turn them off if you like, or leave them on to support Plurk even more!
  2. More Emoticons
    You get more emoticons. 940 more, to be exact, bringing your total up to 1000! With so many emoticons to choose from, you'll need a way to manage them, so...
    You can also organize your emoticons and sort them into groups of your own choosing, making finding the exact one you want much easier.
  3. My Bookmarks
    You can bookmark any Plurks as you like, and find your saved bookmarks in 'My Bookmarks', that you can open from navigation bar.
    You can also add tags to your bookmarks. Tags can help you organize the Plurks that you've saved.
  4. Search all of Plurk for older plurks.
  5. Upload pictures with higher resolution and quality.
  6. Change a plurk's privacy settings after it's posted.

Are premium features available on the App?

Yep! Premium features are also available on the official App as of the latest version:
* Plurk iOS App v4.2.0
* Plurk Android App v2.0.1 or later

How do I get Plurk Coins?

There are two ways to purchase Plurk Coins:
* Plurk’s website Plurk Coins page, with your credit or debit card
* In-App Purchase through Plurk’s official Android app on Google Play

In addition to purchasing Plurk Coins, you can also receive them as gifts from your friends, or give them away yourself!

How do I use Plurk Coins?

You don't even have to 'use' them yourself! As long as you have Plurk Coins, Plurk will automatically give you all the special features available to Plurk Coin users. Each Plurk Coin provides 30 days of premium features, and then is automatically deducted from your balance.

Do Plurk Coins have an expiration date?

Each Plurk Coin provides 30 days of services. Therefore, every 30 days, a Plurk Coin is deducted from your balance. However, you can buy ahead as many coins as you'd like, and you'll be able to keep them for as long as it takes you to use them up.

What happens if I run out of Plurk Coins?

If you no longer have any Plurk Coins, then you will no longer be given premium features. Your Plurk experience will return to how it was before you ever had Plurk Coins.

How do Plurk Coins disable ads?

With Plurk Coins, you can choose whether or not you would like to see ads. If you'd like to support us that little bit more, you can continue to view ads on the site. But if you'd like to hide them, simply click on the coin in the top right corner of your timeline, then select 'Ads'. There you will find the 'Hide Ads' switch, and flipping it will turn them off.

Will I see absolutely no ads if I disable them?

Once you disable ads, they should disappear immediately, but in some cases it can take a few minutes for the site to recognize your preferences. After that, as long as you're signed in and viewing Plurk on the website or via the official Android/iOS apps, you should not see ads anywhere. If you are seeing ads after that, it's likely that a third-party extension is interfering with Plurk.
We can't guarantee that unofficial apps will be ad-free, unfortunately. Everyone will see ads while they are logged out, and users without Plurk Coins will still see ads on your timeline. You may occasionally see official notices from Plurk, and other premium member-exclusive messages, but never third-party advertisements.

I can rearrange my emoticons now? What's this about emoticon 'groups'?

Plurk Coins provide another new feature that will allow you better control over your collection of emoticons. 800 is a lot, and you'll need a better way to find the one you want than just scrolling! There is a new Emoticon Manager, get to it by opening the emoticon menu and selecting the gear in the bottom right. From there, you can split them off into groups or change the order in which they appear.

What about all my emoticons and the groups I organized them into if I'm out of Plurk Coins?

All of your emoticons and their groups will remain, but you will only be able to use the first 60 emoticons in the default group, just like how it is for every other user without Plurk Coins. However, you can still re-order the emoticons in the default group and bring emoticons from inactive groups back to the default group even after you run out of coins, so you can control which 60 emoticons remain usable.

What about adding new emoticons if I'm out of Plurk Coins?

If you run out of Plurk Coins and want to add new emoticons, you will have to delete any emoticons you have over the 60 emoticon limit. Users without Plurk Coins cannot add more emoticons if they have more than 60 emoticons, and this is the same for those who have had Plurk Coins as well as users who have never had Plurk Coins. Which groups your emoticons are in is irrelevant, you must have less than 60 emoticons if you would like to add new emoticons.

How many pixels of images can I upload when I have Plurk Coins?

When you have Plurk Coins, your images which are
less than 2MB won't be compressed. If your images are more than 2MB, your images will be compressed as 2048 pixels of length images.

Why are Plurk Coins more expensive on the mobile app?

We have to mark up the prices a bit because Google and Apple charge us a whopping 30% fee for purchases made through them .
We recommend that you buy Plurk Coins on the web!

Can I ask for a refund if I no longer want the Plurk Coins?

Plurk Coins you have received from others or as a reward from Plurk may not be refunded for cash. Plurk Coins purchased from Google Play or the Apple App Store are subject to the terms and conditions there, we recommend you check their FAQ for information on how to seek refunds for in-app purchases.

How do I check my balance of Plurk Coins and my purchase history?

Click on the Plurk Coin in the top right of your timeline to view the Plurk Coin page. Your balance is shown right on the front page. If you'd like a more detailed view of your purchase history, continue along to the 'Passbook' section, where you can see all of the relevant details.

Does Plurk send invoices?

You will get receipt from Google or Apple if you purchase through Google Play or App Store. If you purchase from the website, you will be e-mailed a receipt from Plurk.