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川普總統任內第一年的好與壞還有爛 - 觀點 - BBC美加新聞
The good, bad and ugly in Trump's first year好的地方是:美國經濟有回升、就業市場不錯(210萬份新工作),失業率4.1%創17年來新低、非裔美人失業率6.8%為45年來新低而且第一次低於7.0%、消費者與商業信心上升、非法移民下降、連續3%GDP成長讓美國經濟成長願景強。

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Republicans in Washington DC control either end of Pennsylvania Avenue with the White House on one end and Capitol Hill on the other.
The level of control is so dominant, in fact, that Republicans have not a governing majority this large since 1929.
In this context, one would assume the GOP wish-list of repealing Obamacare, cutting taxes and rolling back regulations would have been relatively easy. One would be wrong.
President Trump's largely hands-off approach to the legislative process has allowed factions of GOP lawmakers to bicker and openly fight with one another regarding the direction the party should travel.
Trump's power vacuum led to Republicans being unable to repeal President Obama's signature health care law.
And it also meant they passed a tax cut which allows Democrats to portray the Republicans as stooges for the rich - many believe that had Trump asserted himself more aggressively into negotiations, a more equitable bill would have passed.
Democrats need only 24 seats to flip control of the House of Representatives and 38 GOP lawmakers have already announced their retirement ahead of the election this November.
Should Republicans lose control of the House, talk of impeachment to remove President Trump from office goes from far-fetched, watercooler conversation to a very real and dangerous possibility.
While President Trump likes to portray himself as the victim of "fake news" at the hands of a biased media, the reality is that he is often his own worst enemy.
His constant use of Twitter to belittle real and perceived political opponents is beneath the dignity of his office.
World leaders remain perplexed if not angered by his behaviour and talk of Trump's mental fitness is so commonplace that it almost feels normal. Which it is not.
President Trump has been dogged by allegations of racism and his disparaging comments regarding Haiti and poor countries in Africa last week has even the president's closest allies shaking their heads.
Whether he realises it or not, having the American press corps question whether our president is racist at an event honouring the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King is a sad, embarrassing commentary.
Trump supporters maintain his tough talk and social media use allow him to connect directly with his supporters.
But this premise is flawed - Trump was elected to represent all 300+ million Americans. All of us. That includes those who are black, brown, gay, Muslim and transgender.
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One cannot aim to please white, middle-class men at the expense of the rest of the American population and successfully govern our country.
Our diversity is our strength and our strength in America is our diversity. Does Mr Trump realise this?
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The next 365 days are entirely and exclusively in the hands of the president.
If the American economy remains strong and foreign conflicts abroad remain contained, he should be in a good position heading into a 2020 re-election bid.
Should the bad and ugly impulses remain - belittling people at home and abroad, coupled by an inability to work with lawmakers to address real problems facing the American people - Trump's tenure in the White House will be an isolated one, with members of his own party as well as the Democrats seeking to depose him in 2020.
As an American, I want my president to be successful.
Can Mr Trump - will Mr Trump - realise the gravity and responsibility he holds? Only time will tell.
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'I made a tremendous difference': Trump heaps Thanks...
When asked what he is thankful for, US president turns to his favourite subject: himself

The halfway point: what have two years of Trump's wr...The republic has undergone a wild stress test but despite new lows, Donald Trump’s presidency has also seen a democratic renaissance.
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Are they gone for good? The Trump supporters who reg...President’s latest decisions – deploying military forces against protesters, and the church photo op – are chipping away at his base

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The man and the record搖擺州大報 表態挺川普 - 國際 - 自由時報電子報創刊二三四年、且一九七二年後從未支持共和黨候選人的賓州大報《匹茲堡郵報》(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette),近日破天荒表明力挺川普,指川普雖非完美人選,但在武漢肺炎大流行前,確實帶領美國經濟起飛;該報也質疑拜登太年邁,上任後恐怕撐不完第一個任期。
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