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Corbyn on Brexit: UK can be better off out of the EU其實柯賓本身就是疑歐派,但他出發點是屬於反對歐盟良性獨裁體質,而非提議脫歐的那種右派,也因此
Jeremy Corbyn and Piers Morgan's Heated Debate Over ... Jeremy Corbyn Says He Doesn't Need to Be Rebooted | ...
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Tom Watson refuses to be drawn on Labour's immigration polic...
d. 柯賓是頗識大體的人。若是無法力挽狂瀾,他會順勢但保留實力甚至偷捕刀。現在脫歐根本怎樣都不可能有二次公投,所以也只能盡可能減少損害,而且不能讓保守黨這樣隨他們意思無視民眾甚至專顧權貴而橫衝直撞。
"Grotesque number"會是口誤還是wwww 我是相信是口誤(根據他對移民的看法),另外他也提出說有仲介專門在壓榨那些移民,帶來之後又不照顧(抽了錢就置之不理)而造成衝突。
多名工黨議員對黨魁柯賓施壓 要求講清楚他的脫歐立場 - 衛報
Labour MPs press Jeremy Corbyn for clearer stance on Europe
影子威爾斯大臣反對脫歐 辭職離開影子內閣...
Labour MP Jo Stevens quits shadow cabinet over article 50 vote
Shadow secretary for Wales, who argued against Corbyn’s three-line whip on Brexit bill, says leaving the EU is ‘terrible mistake’
Jeremy Corbyn insists UK cannot remain in single mar...
Labour leader disappoints pro-EU MPs in address to parliamentary party before launching attack on ‘struggling’ Tory government
Corbyn's Brexit policy biggest barrier to stayi...
Wes Streeting urges Jeremy Corbyn to back continued membership of EU’s single market and customs union

Rebel Labour MP calls on party to make 'game-changing' Brexit move
Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to shift Labour policy ...Observer poll finds majority of existing and potential voters back Britain remaining in single market and customs union

Jeremy Corbyn convenes ‘away day’ to discuss Brexit ...Labour leader under pressure to back permanent membership of customs union
Labour will have to make a choice on Brexit, and soo...The party’s fuzzy position works while Tories avoid tough decisions. But it can’t hold for much longer
I am scarcely Jeremy Corbyn’s greatest fan, but the notion that the status quo must be preserved simply to thwart his chances of becoming prime minister is not only democratically contemptible but morally outrageous. Indeed, the prospect of a fresh election would force Labour, at last, to spell out its plans for Brexit, and embrace the risks of clarity.
When Brexit fails to deliver it won’t be the fault o...“We can have our cake and eat it” is no longer the slogan of that asinine opportunist Boris Johnson but of the post-Brexit establishment. Both Conservatives and Labour pretend there is no hard choice between taking back control and economic hardship.
Labour gets 16,000 emails in five days urging it to ...Labour gets 16,000 emails in five days urging it to consult on Brexit

Shadow cabinet and trade unions to discuss after complaints that none of party’s policy commissions focus on Europe

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前工黨揆警告柯賓:阻止脫歐才能拯救NHS - 觀察家週報政治版頭條
Neil Kinnock warns Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Stop Brexit to sa...As 20,000 Labour members protest at party stance on Brexit, former leader adds pressure to resist leaving EU

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‘Back soft Brexit,’ unions urge Labour50 senior party figures tell party leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘to fight unambiguously for membership of the single market’

Poll of Unite union members piles pressure on Corbyn
Ahead of super-union’s conference, majority of members oppose leaving single market and back a people’s vote

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