Verified Account FAQ

What is a Verified Account?

Any account with a Verified Badge is a Verified Account. Plurk uses this to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust that a legitimate source is authoring their plurks.

What kinds of accounts get verified?

Verification is used to establish authenticity for accounts who deal with identity confusion regularly on Plurk. A Verified Account must be a public Plurk profile and actively Plurking.

How do I get my account verified?

This program is only valid for some certain people. If you believe you're someone famous in public or a legal organization/entity known in public, ie. anchors, singers, politicians, book writers, etc., then you're qualified. You can click here to proceed with the application.

What's another way to show Plurk users my account is authentic?

Linking to your Plurk profile from an official website is the easiest way to confirm your identity to your fans.

Is there any other restrictions?

You asked, we answered: Make sure to check if your profile fulfill some of these requirements:

  • Your email address should be at least verified
  • Your profile page must have a link to your blog, company web site, or facebook fan page, or alternatively if your have a Twitter account, you should already have a lot of followers/fans on Twitter or has already a Verified Account on Twitter, etc. Just tell us.
  • Your Karma should at least reached 20.
  • Must be actively using Plurk
  • You should have at least 100 fans/friends.
  • Your registered email address must be using a corp email if from known entities/organization.
  • For corporation/media accounts, you should attach your corporation/organization logo as your profile picture or be part of your profile pictures
  • Must provide your corporation/organization phone, mobile phone information or any phone # that we might be to reach you in case we will need it.
  • Some may extempted, i.e. public figures, known brands, power bloggers, etc.


  1. Please choose the best category you've matched.
  2. The reason of application must be solid and justify why you need to verify your identity at Plurk.