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male Tel Aviv-Yafo, Dan, Israel
Mr. Goat’s dad and full-time husband
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yosu if I, for example, wanted to do a trip to Batam for few days, what’s the recommended things to do according to local?
Yesterday 7
Who in here own Stanley Cup? And why?

Yesterday I finally saw it in real life, and you guest it right, a typical white mid 20 girl carrying and using it.
2 days ago 6 @Edit 2 days ago
https://www.reuters.com/... Pentagon running Antivaxx campaign beginning in South East Asia in 2020 and expanding to all over the world just to revenge undermine China.
2 days ago 14 @Edit 2 days ago
https://images.plurk.com/6guRgsL3IKFQdCl1A15Gwq.jpg https://images.plurk.com/6z7TDSfustN4vKcm6wTa58.jpg another brand to be boycott first time eating take out from WcD. The sauces are indeed made everything better.

Also second time eating from WcD here.
2 days ago
From: ok, I’m going to take all this high dosage medicines for pain killers, but still according to doctor suggestions, to: maybe I need to skip some, light pain should be ok, after reading each of the side effects, and why is this medication is banned in some countries but not in here, until I can consult to the doctor again.
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https://images.plurk.com/77MfDCL5HGzkttLSBWCECa.jpg Reading this graph while re-listening t.A.T.u - Not Gonna Get Us. One of the song that was on the peak of the graph for me. So relatable at that time, a song that me is the perfect pop song that I like. Perfectly explained the graph.
3 days ago
Photographer Disqualified From AI Image Contest Afte.....r Winning With Real Photo. Lol for the contest.
3 days ago 7
I sometimes forget that I can actually eat anything anytime if I want. But I don’t out of laziness.

What’s keeping you not eating anything anytime most of the time?
3 days ago 8 @Edit 3 days ago
I'm a person who sleep on the side, right side to be precise. I use to sleep with my back, but I forgot when I change my behavior, but it was long time ago.

Anyway, because my chest zipper stitches and new connection between my chest bones, I've been sleeping on the back for almost 5 nights straight.
4 days ago
Successful doing anti-coagulation blood shoot by myself. Never in my life I’m imaginied doing my own needle.