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female Sweden
ironic humor, sometimes naughty. Childcare-teacher, Loves scuba-diving, especially cold-water and reading fantasy + criminal fiction. Have trained ju-jutsu.. FP to PelleTurtle and Blog at
5 years ago 19
Hmm.. it's been awhile since my last visit.. Just dropped by to check if I still remembered my login and to copy my and PelleTurtle's profil for a friend I just recommended Plurk to. So.. if you get a friend request from a swedish woman Wenche can I say she shared my humor and is a RL friend since many years :-)
10 years ago 53
if this earache won't go until tomorrow i better check for earinfection before weekend comes.. (sick) Better laught until pain (LOL)
10 years ago 23
home sick, again.. (sick)
10 years ago 27
Good morning! This is how I'd like to build my house if I ever get stupid rich! wow, waant! (bringit)
10 years ago 10
(hungry)(dance) Foodshop had tasting of lactose lchf-pancakes and i finally got recipee of something tasting like real pancakes, tasted (mmm)
10 years ago 11
Fun! rebound via FB with older cousin i lost contact with. Got a chance to brag of place by the sea, I'm so nice (LOL) Headache's much less today, wonderful! Now, book & bed! (wave)
10 years ago 32
had headace since friday afternoon, defintly reached the grumpy whiny stadium by now..
10 years ago 22
Good morning! fixing with booking for malta-travel in may, well forwarding since i can't fix it due to done during workhour.
Linda is
10 years ago 6