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male Puli, Taiwan
A OpenSource / Networking / Perl / GNU Hurd / Linux / Security Geek.
Reading / Writing / Motocycle / Traveling.
Jazz / Classic. Drums / Bass / Ukulele.
Learning Italiano.

Founder of Ubuntu 正體中文站
Owner of Studio - In the Blue Sky above your Clouds. |
CTO of Imonology Inc.
天哪我的 Karma 已經變 0.00 了 XD

Food Fountain with Chicken, let's call it:
Chi #Foontain ⛲
When sudo npm it also chown / (root dir)... npm WTF are you doing?!

Don’t be a fool, cover your tool. Cherish your life, use nvm.
愛惜生命,使用 nvm。
Latest Bulletproof Functional Object Oriented Language for Virtual Machine Container AI Deep Learning Blockchain Framework Platform Service with Crypto Currency Wallet Transaction Coin Grid Configuration Management and Deployment in Neural Space Rocket Startup Elections
寫論文最困難的事情,就是用 M$ Word 排版。

學校不提供 LaTeX 也沒有 Google Docs template,範例是
.pdf 跟 .docx,這想必是給研究生最後的終極考驗。

剛才拿到一版 M$ Office 2013 產出的 .docx,放到 Office 365 Word Online 開啟。跑版。
[Bug][Solved] 約一個月前(內)更新 linux 4.4 kernel 後,某些使用情境開始會畫面破圖(fcitx 選字框、Chromium 開 lucidchart、Qt Creator)。
網路上沒看到相關消息,查了 Kernel update / Xorg / Intel driver 等,太多 package / changelog 看不完,索性升到 HWE Kernel (4.10),然後問題就沒出現了。