Looking for commercial land? We have multiple openings! L$1 per prim. Woodland Park North & Woodland Park.
Bluebird's Song 1 weeks ago
Pose Fair 2017 is NOW OPEN! Berry did a blog with a video preview, so feel free to check that out. Pose Fair 2017 - StrawberrySingh.com And here is a map Asia Ristow - one of our preview bloggers - was kind enough to create! [http://regenerationshapes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/OpeningDayMap.png]
Cae 2 weeks ago
Survey time! Add your name for a chance to get L$1000 in store credit! [https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2825/33878381646_1d82cb0957_t.jpg] Cae Customer Survey - 2017
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Pose Fair 2017 Blogger Apps OPEN:
Pose Fair 2017 - Blogger Application
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chandnikhondji I love you, too. ♥
Bluebird's Song 4 weeks ago
I'll be out of town until April 3rd. Just FYI.