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what to explain?
Loopeen says
Yesterday 3
Dyou know what hypertension drugs do to your body?
It decrease the tensions in your veins to some extent.

I’ve been hypotensive since young.
So if I take some of the drugs, my tension will drop to 0.

If I take some before I sleep, then I’ll be gone in my slep.
And mom will never know until too late...

Like I said, I know my body conditions perfectly.
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Been doubling the dose
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Yesterday 8
On her suicidal condition.
2 days ago 5
https://images.plurk.com/3hP4J3B9KAzrlar1eDESuL.jpg Boungiorno mi amor...
Loopeen says
3 days ago
Goed morgen, mijn liefde.. ❤️
Loopeen says
4 days ago 1 @Edit 3 days ago
Daddy minta nonton, tapi terus 5 menitan di sofa depan tv, tidur dong....
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4 days ago 1
6 days ago
Ngakak melulu gr2 baca MDZS
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1 weeks ago
Still printing MDZS
1 weeks ago
Lanjut baca MDZS