Rav-T 8 months ago
Cutting up dried thai chilli peppers when a seed jumped up and landed in my eye QQ
Rav-T 9 months ago
[meme] A few of my characters forced me to expand the scale. Just a little. [https://i.imgur.com/1Y7y1CFt.png]
Rav-T 9 months ago
Fresh made garlic chilli paste, which will shortly be used to make a thai basil fried rice (which is what the pepper and onion are also for)
Rav-T 9 months ago
[S-word sunday] So... Ships you'd play with me? Kinks/smut you'd play with me?
Rav-T 9 months ago
[RP] Going out to visit my spouse at work for lunch, but after that, it will be time for the ArrPees.
Rav-T 9 months ago
[RP] OKAY. I'm fed. I'm (very) caffeinated. I've caught up on enough other shit that I feel I can finally justify doing a good bit of RP (even if everything is still incomplete). So... tag plurk, I suppose!
Rav-T 10 months ago
[The Move] It's almost like a proper house now or something.
Rav-T 10 months ago
[the move] I am with my stuff now, loading the truck.
Rav-T 10 months ago
[The Move] Woo, our moving boxes are here. Well, not here. In a warehouse 10 minutes from here.
Rav-T 10 months ago
[meme] Rav-T is a Sorcerer.
His stats are as followed:
STR - 16
DEX - 3
CON - 15
INT - 15
WIS - 1
CHA - 8