⭐Inky Chance⭐ 55 minutes ago
District 20, how does one get early access? Is this bloggers only or something
⭐Inky Chance⭐ 18 hours ago
My favorite childhood book coming to animated goodness FERDINAND Trailer 1 - 3 (2017) I better some some major flower sniffing though!
⭐Inky Chance⭐ 22 hours ago
Halp! I am looking for all SL Doctor Who themed items. I have all the items from Hopscotch, thank you chandnikhondji <3 but am looking for anything else ya'll may know of. I have some odds and ends from Second Spaces too. But I know I have like others in my gacha items just not coming up with anything when I search my inventory. Thanks in advance!
Ugh... Feel like shit. Who ran me over with a bulldozer and tossed me off the empire state building.
When you have your itunes on random, playing your entire libraray...you return from attempting to make food and "Dueling Banjos" is on.
So much pain hate this. I'm angry as fuck today at it. Which sucks because I'm angry at something inside myself. Which makes me hate myself. sorry had to vent it.