Cassie Raye Yesterday I had another batch not work out as well. So I made mermaid potions. Be a mermaid.
Cassie Raye 2 days ago finished.
Cassie Raye 2 days ago
Uuuuuughhh gross girl stuff in comments
Cassie Raye 3 days ago this is the first time I ever felt my bath bombs looked edible. These are sugar cookie scented and I'll decorate with Lil faces later
Cassie Raye 4 days ago chomp chomp
Cassie Raye 5 days ago I can't add any more paint or the shading until it dries or else these will fall apart. But some dragon eggies
Cassie Raye 5 days ago
Cassie Raye 5 days ago collection for metrocon so far
Cassie Raye 5 days ago ordered ingredient labels to put on all my bath bombs for metrocon.
Cassie Raye 1 weeks ago
so, forever ago i saw a plurk about how to fix those squares that show up in outfits with sheer elements and ways to remove them. does anyone remember who that was or what it suggested?