Cassie Raye 2 hours ago
I've been listening to subliminal rain sounds lately and I feel like they make me sleep a perfect eight hours every night. Sleep at ten, wake at six, etc. It's been nice. Tonight's rain is all about loving yourself more.
Cassie Raye 16 hours ago
What do you do when you need to vent, but don't want to online? Like apps to use, hobbies irl, etc?
Cassie Raye 17 hours ago I've been looking forward to having more of this since yesterday. So good
Cassie Raye Yesterday I saw this and thought the thumbnail was secondlife. Not once, not twice. Three freaking times. I've even watched and still glanced and thought it was sl
Cassie Raye Yesterday quiche is done
Cassie Raye Yesterday I go to work out and hit day four and... :| I wanna work out!
Cassie Raye Yesterday
i never realized how many of my random videos have been flagged as age restricted. including my hi there second life