Christa 1 years ago
still can't believe Taylor Swift followed me on !:
Christa hopes 1 years ago
everyone is doing well!
StrawberrySingh shares 2 years ago
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Christa 2 years ago
woo I got my karma over 1!!! ha ha
Christa 2 years ago
If anyone wants to join a closed SL group on Facebook lemme know & I'll invite you!
Christa 2 years ago
Might get back into SL :-o
Christa 3 years ago
RIP Paul Walker
Christa 3 years ago
Okay who crashed it? (LOL)
Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
Try reloading: www.­tmz.­com
Christa 3 years ago
Christa asks 3 years ago
does anyone have Animal Crossing: New Leaf? I want your friend code!