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Thanksgiving means Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry
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Day 23: A Song Everyone Should Listen To
Cassandra Wilson - Tupelo Honey
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Day 22 A Song that Moves Me Forward
Rainbow Connection by Sleeping at Last Lyrics
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I am happy to see the State Dept take this stand.
Department of State on Twitter
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Ugh, Plurk has one of those ads targeting veterans to destroy their lives by encouraging them to take 100% of the equity out of their homes to have some cash in the bank. I want those companies to die.
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(((Cajsa))) says Yesterday
Day 21: Song with a name in the title
Louise (Remastered)
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I subscribe to this newsletter that comes on weekdays only. I just counted and have won 34 books through entering drawings from this newsletter.
Shelf Awareness for Tuesday, November 21, 2017