arimoi 1 years ago
Looking to get your monster on? Want to dust off a character you rarely get to play? Need a change of pace from the traditional always-on game format? Consider apping to Arimoi, a group musebox all about your character's new life as a monster!
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arimoi 1 years ago
Arimoi is inspired by Ryslig in its base premise, but has a completely different setting, a heavily modified bestiary, and makes people-eating an optional part of the premise, secondary to the basic conflict of turning into a monster in a strange land and all the alienation that brings.
arimoi 1 years ago
It's also a musebox-format game, meaning that instead of having one, singular, always-running timeline directed by mod plots, it's both a dressing-room style open setting and a space for players to pitch their own plots, set up and play AUs, find PSLs - all along the premise of Monster Problems.
arimoi 1 years ago
Give it a look-over, and a shot!
(made a proper Advertisement Plurk on the modplurk because the last time i did this it was on my personal.)
(and also not really a nice solid pitch.)
(so please replurk this one! we are now open, accepting apps, and ready for everyone to get their RP on.)
ChocoBoo 1 years ago
Please bring me FFXVers...
Usagi 1 years ago
whispers YUGIOH
you heard the dude.
Usagi 1 years ago
i have a kid from smtiv but i think i'm the only one left playing from that duology in any active capacity lol. i'm probably going to bring in a character from pokemon special in the future, and then some other assorted obscure dudes.
Drobbin' Thong 1 years ago
i could fin-ally have my merm
go тo вread 1 years ago
hologramblue: you're not
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
I'm confused. Why are there apps if it's a musebox?
go тo вread 1 years ago
I have a Nanashi. :-D
fortheteam so i can vet players i'm not personally familiar with! "musebox" in this case doesn't mean, like, just-me-and-friends, i'm using it to mean that this is more of an "rp club" than a "game".
....oh god that doesn't make any sense. uh.
Usagi 1 years ago
It's so that Holo can make sure that not just anyone comes in, because sometimes that ends in more toxic players sliding in and causing stress for other players
nah, that makes sense
so, like, you know how in traditional dwrp games, it's a setting, everything that happens in it is canon, it's fairly tightly controlled by mods, the calendar is always running, and that's what defines the game, is access to that setting
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
I guess i'm just confused at how thorough the app is for a game that's just for trying out different concepts and is more muse-boxy
also I'm in love with the phrase "horrific puree of content" so thank you for that
i typed out and deleted an explanation a few times but i think everything i could explain here has probably been explained more thoroughly in the game info itself
hologramblue: ...My wife is eventually going to play Krishna so. :V
the app serves basically the same function as it does in games, which is to vet players the mod(/s) isn't personally familiar with so that players can be assured a non-toxic game environment and a certain level of quality
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
So a more beefy version of invite-only.
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
Well, more beefy to allow more inclusion.
nah, i think invite vs app and one-game-setting vs musebox are two separate axes of, like, how games are
or how games could be.
Usagi 1 years ago
Yeah basically this gives a window that invite only doesn't offer, right? :0
Like with invite only a lot of good players might never have a shot
But with this, a player can prove themselves capable of joining in
it's a bit of an experiment! traditional games take a hell of a lot of time and effort to mod. i'm trying to see if i can run an rp environment that has some of the same perks of a game without being as modwork-intensive as a regular game, and also allows for kinds of rp that traditional games sometimes leave you itching for.
kind of a halfway point between games (rigid, structured, labor-intensive) and dressing rooms (loose, malleable setting, chaotic/anarchic, no modwork)?
especially since i think that there are a lot of things we take for granted about how games work that were originally thought up to prevent powergaming and infomodding in a really roundabout way
Usagi 1 years ago
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
No, that's what I meant it seems to have the spirit of invite-only in that familiar connection is desired. But it opens doors to people outside of the circle by requiring an actual app.
(^*σノ、σ) 1 years ago
Instead of requiring the blessing of the circle, as in invite-only
Usagi 1 years ago
now everyone join us im lonely
Eggnologia 1 years ago
I'm still interested!
Eggnologia 1 years ago
But I want to get my new muse a little more working out before I write her app so...
given how long this community's been around, i think it's better to confront those kinds of things on a player-by-player ooc behavior basis, and avoid restricting the freedom of players who won't abuse character powers etc.
YEAH THOUGH you guys got it, i got on a tangent about game mechanics.
also i would love some eorzeans hi c:
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
:|b idk but. but…
i have bahasaie there~
all i have is a ridiculous overpowered legendary idiot who is soon to be very depowered
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
you tempter (but I mean transformations…)
(also gonna be tryin' a new muse out there)
monsterrrrsssss. become ooonnnee
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
(nuzlocke!noctis. because we need N-octis. and his fluffbirb stella.)
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
(aw, kiddos! /nod /thumbs up!)
okay but can i write a personality section while mobile........
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
i'm gonna go RNG for monster ;3
...........can i laugh that i got one of my picks. the cat.
Purrobin Hood 1 years ago
oh, heh!
So? 1 years ago
I admit, I haven't looked at Ryslig because I'm a wuss and don't really wanna RP people-eating. I kinda like this idea. ^^
atrypical whoops i missed this last night. OH JEEZ.
i'm playing hallelujah from pre-game so that he's not flipping out over needing to return home for Responsibility Reasons
but he'd probably latch to a nanashi anyways.
go тo вread 1 years ago
I added a short section to the application page to clarify what specifically I'm looking for with the apps. Hopefully this reduces some stress over the intersection of "it's a simple app" and "apps are a quality check".
The quality markers I'm looking for don't require giant essay app sections or huge blocks of introspection in tags, so if you can show your character has depth and you have a handle on that depth in as little as three personality paragraphs, you'll be golden.
looks at my noct app.......... yup
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