Daemon Mad 4 years ago
latest #12
DeadLantern 4 years ago
Makes sense. Reposting.
Blue Rox 4 years ago
Just Plurked to frontpage
GarlicMyfi 4 years ago
Oh my
Hempy 4 years ago
fucking pigs. I love how the court system will protect little fucks like this and keep victimizing the actual victim
Despil です 4 years ago
Let them burn on the internet.
LilElfinAnnie says 4 years ago
Xiomara says 4 years ago
You know what's sad? The first site that comes up when googling "Austin Zehnder and Will Frey" is FREE REPUBLIC.
Xiomara says 4 years ago
That site still thinks it's 1995, why the fuck is this the first site that comes up?
Corgi 4 years ago
Wow, I have rarely seen such a level of sarcasm deployed in public service. Well done, Elliot and Trisha!
Sidonie 4 years ago
That level of sarcasm elevates them to near deity status in my book. It is well and truly deserved.
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