Arbieroo shares 5 years ago
latest #21
Arbieroo says 5 years ago
video of interview with Terry Wogan on that page.
Arbieroo says 5 years ago
my great scientific hero and my great literary hero of my teenage years have both died now.
Griffy.Lapin 5 years ago
yes... very sad.
Arbieroo thinks 5 years ago
Snailquake is 5 years ago
sorry. :-(
Snailquake was 5 years ago
very sad to lose her heroes in those categories.
Lemongrass gives 5 years ago
(cozy) he was a good author. BBC radio had a nice short obit.
ॐ andavane 5 years ago
Heard that on the radio, with quite a tinge.
boot feels 5 years ago
the same, Arbieroo. Very much so. His words filled our minds and lit them alight. He will not ever leave my heart.
ॐ andavane 5 years ago
Talking of Bradbury, a few folks have thought I could really dig Gaiman.
boot thinks 5 years ago
you couldn't help but not.
Snailquake has 5 years ago
thought that about a few people, but they've come back and said Gaiman wasn't their thing. (unsure)
ॐ andavane 5 years ago
Had another look and isn't sure he's his thing either. Perhaps he's changed.
Which would be fine, if he could figure out who he is.
Shadow is 5 years ago
happy that andavane has reverted to answering sensible queastions.
Arbieroo says 5 years ago
(woot) The Philosidoggie! (cozy) How are you?
Shadow asks 5 years ago
How? Who? 'you', 'me'?
'me' Arbieroo or 'me' 'ShadowRun' ? (thinking)
Arbieroo says 5 years ago
(LOL) (cozy)
ॐ andavane 5 years ago
Philosphically, this mutt keeps me well limbered up.
Shadow says 5 years ago
Nonsense, andavane! He's just miffed that you took his dinner away :-(
Snailquake asks 5 years ago
ShadowRun to make sure andavane reads his emails. :-)
ॐ andavane 5 years ago
OK. He will.
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