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ωιт¢н qυєєη says 5 years ago
the little dumbass that went on "Dancing With the Stars" (badly!) instead of parenting.
Not mad, just contemptuous.
Mippa 5 years ago
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
marriage experts
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
...And being unwed as opposed to wed to the father of your child is better....because...?
3zo 5 years ago
=_= vraiment?
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
if they're an expert they should know how much marriage has changed through time.
Now granted, I agree with the fact that Dora shouldn't be Attorney General.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
"reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage." BS
But then again we all know that Dora is a fugitive from the law, so
FuN TiMe FoXiE 5 years ago
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
she obviously doesn't realize that the idea of marriage has changed over thousands of years.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
in biblical times, it would have been normal for a man to have multiple wives.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
SilvorMoon 5 years ago
What a rude, ignorant person.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
I love how she's preaching about marriage, yet is unwed herself. I don't care if a person gets married or not but
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
w o w
Drama Wolf 5 years ago
(lmao) Because unwed teenage pregnancy is TOTALLY better. ahahahaha
Except... not. lmao.
God beyond all the bigotry and homophobia that characterizes this debate that's what really gets me lately.
Marriage has not always been the "one man, one woman" deal it is in Amurrica today!
The definition has changed more than once. Multiple times. You have polygamy for both men and women and the levirate and blah blah blah.
It's just so ignorant.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
The sanctity of marriage argument always makes me tear out my hair.
~~thousands of years of thinking about marriage between 1 man and 1 woman~~
also the dinosaurs died in the floods bc noah couldn't fit them on his ark
and the earth is only what 6000 yrs old????
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
I have a friend whose religion forces him to believe this.
Hᴇʙʙʏ 5 years ago
my thoughts exactly
The Earth is the center of the universe
You forgot that one
Hayley 5 years ago
The funny thing is, Paul didn't like the idea of marriage. It was only supposed to be a crutch for those too weak to be celibate.
Hayley 5 years ago
Matthew had similar views but, uh. He went a step further in some ways. read a book about this for class recently XD
Rain_Demi 5 years ago
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