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Python/Javascript Ninja Extraordinaire

Got what it takes to tame Python and assault Javascript? We're looking for a seasoned samurai who's wrangled, manhandled and found a way to subdue the beast that is Python and loves to butter up Javascript.

Let's keep it simple. If you are:

  • Passionate about Python and JS and have an eye for detail and beautiful code and beautiful design
  • Passionate about Plurk, Social Media, Communication and Viral Marketing
  • Learn quick, can iterate daily, and get things done in a team environment

Why not give us a shout with a CV/resume, and a link to some things you've coded, your blog or your Linkedin profile. We are ONLY looking for the absolute brightest and best.

Mobile Engineer

Bring the deliciousness of Plurk to the small screen by developing mobile products for multiple mobile platforms. Work on apps for Android, Pre, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, SymbianOS and other platforms. The kind of person we are looking for would have:

  • Strong programming skills in multiple languages including objective-c and Java.
  • Experience in developing and launching a popular mobile application.
  • Familiarity with the iTunes App store process.
  • Self reliant. We expect you to lead the development of Plurk mobile products with minimal supervision.
  • Passionate about mobile technology.

Schmoozy Plurkinista/Plurkster & Community Evangelist

Are you an interweb hipster? Do you have a plurkodex longer than Perez Hilton's? Do you hobnob in the Hamptons, party with Diddy, go to church with Hilary Duff and love us long time? If you do, holla at us for a good time.

We are looking for our own resident A-lister. An outgoing, sassy, snarky and very plurky person who can engage our community, keep residents of Plurkland happy, welcome new users to our community, interface with media, bloggers, and other e-celebs, amongst an array of other public facing activities involving communication in one form or another. If you are a born promoter, with great presentation skills and an ability to strike up a conversation with anyone on just about anything and bring people to your side, we want you.

Tell us or better yet, show us, what makes you kind of a big deal and the team here will let you know if you've got what it takes to be the next big Plurkebrity.

Plurk Business Development/Sales Manager

Plurk is seeking a business development and sales manager with a proven track record to help manage and drive significant growth to Plurk by way of sourcing, negotiating and executing strategic partnerships. This is a world-class opportunity that allows you to be at the center of Asia's hottest startup. You will be hands-on with major technology, mobile and media companies and startups and help to identify strategic partners for acquisition, commerce, or technology sharing, initiating contact with potential partners and clearly presenting the value of Plurk.

The successful candidate will have proven experience with on-line advertising, internet/mobile monetization and analytics as well as a deep understanding of social networking, social gaming, virtual goods and mobile apps. Having traditional experience and strong connections with brand advertisers, media and tertainment companies would also be helpful.


  • Research and evaluate new technologies, market trends and opportunities
  • Prepare presentations, financial projections, contracts and competitive analysis
  • Manage client and internal communications with respect to sales and business opportunities
  • Exceptional networking and phone skills a must. Ability to approach people at conferences, tradeshows as well as cold call to get the meeting.


  • 3-5+ years of business experience. Business/marketing degree or MBA preferred.
  • Extensive contacts with decision-makers in the leading companies from the following markets: social networking, social media, social gaming, mobile handset developers, mobile apps, broadband ISPs, web portals, traditional media/entertainment companies, large brands
  • Ability to identify and prioritize potential partners based on the synergies and impactfulness of the potential relationship and likely economic terms of a partnership
  • Strong track record of identifying key people within target organizations and establishing and maintaing contact with those individuals. Able to set up meetings with key individuals and consistently follow up with those companies during the partnership development process.
  • Experience determining partnership requirements and coordinating with product development/engineering teams as necessary
  • Experience with effectively communicating Plurk value-add to partners through presentations and product demos and being able to envision creative and impactful partnership opportunities
  • Experience with structuring distribution partnerships (bundling, bounty, royalty, revenue share), commerce relationships (CPC, CPM, CPA, revenue share), and technology licensing partnerships
  • Experience negotiating contracts with partners including all business, economic, and legal terms
  • Passionate and deep understanding of social gaming, micropayments, mobile payment and assorted social networking related monetization opportunities is critical.
  • Strong English and Mandarin written and verbal skills is preferable. Understanding of Asian and US/North-American business approach/customs is ideal.
  • Jack of all trades business experience in finance, marketing, operations, sales, legal, especially with past experience in consumer internet/mobile/social networking, would be ideal


  • Working alongside a world class team that is extremely passionate about their work
  • Great compensation; equity, salary and benefits
  • Occasional travel.
  • Fun, flexible, and unique work environment for one of the world's most exciting startups.


While we encourage all candidates to apply, we will give preference first to those candidates located in Taiwan

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter with salary requirements to jobs[at]plurk[dot]com. The subject line of your email should read "Plurk Business Develoment Manager".

Plurk Product Manager, Chief Motivation Officer and Delegator

As Product Manager for Plurk, you will be the CEO of products developed at Plurk and play a key role in defining the direction of Plurk. You need to be a creative technical and user-focused thinker, have your pulse on what is going on around the web, be able to delegate, drive, motivate, and inspire innovation that delivers new product features to Plurk in very aggressive timelines.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Immediately make significant contributions to Plurk
  • Gather product requirements from users, stakeholders, management and define technical product specifications for the engineering team
  • Work hand in hand with the engineering team and the executive team and be a communication bridge to ensure timely delivery of new features
  • Know the social networking space in Asia and abroad, understand the product and our competition intimately.
  • Help drive significant growth in Plurk's global usage by defining a strategy that continues to keep users engaged.


  • You're a hacker that gets things done: a real doer, not just a thinker. ie. Having a technical + business background would be ideal
  • Obsessed with learning about our users and their problems.
  • Data-driven approach to validating and optimizing solutions and measuring success of new product features (Multivariate A/B testing)
  • Simple, elegant solutions to complex problems excite you
  • You're capable of designing beautiful products
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as Python
  • Passionate about user experience, information design, and usability
  • Make decisions independently and iterate rapidly
  • Comfortable working in chaos and uncertainty
  • Prepared to make Plurk the primary focus of your life
  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in Web-based/technology product management. Prior startup/social networking experience preferable.
  • BS degree in technology related field + Business/MBA degree ideal
  • Strong written and verbal English and Mandarin skills preferable


  • Working alongside world class engineers that are extremely passionate about their work
  • Great compensation; equity, salary and benefits
  • Fun, flexible, and unique work environment for one of the world's most exciting startups.


While we encourage all candidates to apply, we will give preference first to those candidates located in Taiwan.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter with salary requirements to jobs[at]plurk[dot]com. The subject line of your email should read "Plurk Product Manager".

L33T Systems H@x0R, Optimizer & Log Lord

Are you an up and coming rockstar systems warlord and want to make a name for yourself on the interwebs? If so, give Plurk a chance.

If the following buzz words turn your crank or mean anything to you, this gig is probably for you: Perl, Linux, Hadoop, Lucene, Sphinx, Solr, scalability, shards, Clouds, i18n, mobile, IM/Jabber transports, xmpp, mapreduce, SEO, erlang, py. insomniac, p2p multicasting, techno, statistical stimulatory overload, distributed systems, C++/OO, network security, uptime ftw, impossible is nothing.

Send us your CV/resume, a link to your blog or Linkedin profile, and your first born/unborn child (In case we are unable to retain you, we will mentor your progeny to such great heights) to us. Only the best need apply.

If you are interested in any of the positions above, please contact us at jobs[at]plurk[dot]com

Plurkferrals are welcome!

If you don't feel that you qualify for any of the current openings but know someone who might fit the bill, we would love if you could send them a link to our available positions and/or put us in touch with them. If we hire them off your referral, we'll find a more than appropriate way to reward you for helping us connect with other great people who could help make Plurk even better!