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Akira Decided to pop some of my Monster High dolls and accessories on Ebay if anyone wants them. Items for sale by kiwikibbles | eBay
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Akira Selene
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Akira https://images.plurk.com/6oQj2KtbXVHNeDxTFBBuDF.jpg Mainframe ~Blogger application
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Akira Blogger applications are now open!
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Akira I finally went BoM....I forgot how much I loved wearing Morphine Skins;-; https://images.plurk.com/1zoFODXDlTHWA7JnCiXm0W.png
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Akira I added Maitreya extras of this gacha if anyone wants/needs them. https://images.plurk.com/2sFMvbr45x6x7xCYSH2br.jpg Second Life Marketplace - IDK/IDC by Akira Voorhees
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Akira I forgot to post this here because I rarely use Plurk anymore :x Mainframe blogger apps now OPEN!
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Akira replurks AlaskaMetro Uber is now open! This round, I have lipsticks and nail polish appliers in a rainbow of natural tones.

Uber: Designer’s Choice https://images.plurk.com/7rW32FlyO3tPSkKOQuTrjh.jpg https://images.plurk.com/4nqgE4kzCvRDbeIwWyo5hf.jpg https://images.plurk.com/3csmp3kgAzaL8v1AKwsGTT.jpg https://images.plurk.com/46BAeoZ4U1MlkbTNzNuW7X.jpg
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Akira I put sum gacha extras up on Marketplace if anyone needs things. Mostly extras from the Doctor Crow gacha From Antinatural. Second Life Marketplace - IDK/IDC by Akira Voorhees
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Akira replurks anonymous whispers OYNX Tepes, also known as 'ANATOMY', is using this work as their branding to draw people in. This is illegal. Do not support this.




This 'creator' has had a history putting in unedited prefabs in original mesh events as OYNX and DRAGUN, who have been called out.
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