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Akira Keith Urban Ft. Carrie Underwood ~ The Fighter (Lyri...
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Akira replurks Bunnerz Art theft isn’t cool yo.
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Akira replurks CheekyPea Hey everyone, my sister's husband passed away a couple weeks ago and I'm trying to raise money to help for the funeral and medical bills he incurred being in CICU for two days (and in America at that) :/ Would any store owners be willing to help out to put an item out for sale on my sim with all the profits going to my sister?
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Akira I've been in SL long enough that I should not fangirl over things. I was at Lootbox and there was a Naria Panthar there. Fangirling intensifies
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Akira I made beef stroganoff for dinner noms
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Akira How cute are these nails!
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Akira I love this look so much today :3
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Akira replurks YummySL https://farm1.staticflickr.com/819/27053751338_38eb8fd62e_b.jpg Coming soon to N21! Minimalist Ring set
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Akira I'm a Fantasy Faire blogger! I love blogging Fantasy Faire every year, it's always so much fun and every year, something always happens to make it memorable :3
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