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Ajastoy shares I think I like the actual site better
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Ajastoy shares not exactly something I would want for the holidays!
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Ajastoy shares This is the jobI'm rushing back to?
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Ajastoy says Its official. Tomorrow I go to job medical to be made full duty for work, and get my retraining schedule going. Sigh, its been a fun year
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Ajastoy has been victorious!! Got what I went for at Walmart. Man,,,I wish my cell sd card hadnt run out of memory,,, the crowds!!! It was so surreal.
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Ajastoy thinks she's nuts. Leaving now to go to Walmart for Black Friday sale, sigh.
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Ajastoy thinks its not going to be a good thanksgiving this year, sigh. Will be spending it in the hospital.
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Ajastoy shares If you want to get in, leave comment,, I'll PM password! ;-)
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Ajastoy is patiently awaiting menopause, sigh.
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Ajastoy is cold in the house, with a chihuahua inside her sweatshirt. Time for lunch and a DVD - Mr. Skeffington anyone?
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