Mel Mermaid
from Chicago, IL, United States
Mel Mermaid So ever since I finished OITNB I've been getting into playing Prison Architect again LOL I love that game its addicting.
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Mel Mermaid I'm going to the pride parade on Sunday with a buncha friends from work since I live close to boystown. Also been wanting to go never been I'm excited. I got a shirt at target that has a cat with sunglasses on and is shaded with a rainbow and it says "Gay Puuride" lolol I can show my support and that fact I'm a cat lady
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Mel Mermaid I really need to start thinking about Candy Fair and open apps next month sometime. I've just been so busy in rl my brain is not even ready to start planning.
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Mel Mermaid Finished the new seasons of OITNB man the feels. I'm so scared to see what happens next. Like I want the next season to come already but at the same time I need time to recover so much happened. I should be sleeping but I binged watched the rest. Now I gotta get up in 4 hours haha oh well worth it
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Mel Mermaid Urgh my tattoo is in the super itchy healing stage atm I keep having to slap it since I can't itch haha
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Mel Mermaid I finally bought a curvy barbie she's so cute. Gonna display her on my desk bringing back all the childhood feels.
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Mel Mermaid The Spring Cleaning event @ Larnisha starts today @ 12PM SLT I believe! Grab these older items on sale at the event or hop over to our mainstores and grab them for half off the already discount price at the event, but you'll have to hunt for them! https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4231/35014675810_d5e638d0de_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4201/34559382384_1888d606f7_b.jpg
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Mel Mermaid I have to admit her floppy ear is super cute at times when she's all sitting in the window like this
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Mel Mermaid This guy on the bus was being super creepy kept looking at me like 30 times I was sitting a few rows back. He kept looking at a bunch of people. He was just giving off unpleasant vibes. So I kinda moved back more on the bus but he kept looking back at me. I think he was drunk not sure he was at my bus stop waiting to get on the same bus.
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Mel Mermaid Got a new tattoo today my 4th one haha. Been wanting this one for a while I love how it came out. It's on my right wrist so got deathly Hallows on my left wrist and this on my right
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