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Must_Stash wishes Everyone a great morning!
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Must_Stash wishes Happy Birthday, Stacy! www.plurk.com/Tempted
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Must_Stash wants To finish the sleeves on the Simply Orange cardi...tonight. Happy knitting Plurkville!
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Must_Stash Gotta LOVE the love! www.craftsfromthecwtch.co.uk/2013/06/wips-books-excitement.html
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Must_Stash I'm always late to the game but I've been sucked into Warehouse 13. Last night I realized that I'm most of the way through the second season! Oh no!!
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Must_Stash Dare I breathe it but, I may finish both sweaters by the end of this month! I hope I didn't just bitch slap my karma.
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Must_Stash hates technology.
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Must_Stash shares Must Stash girls are recording tonight!
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Must_Stash says Wednesday and I'm feeling fine! Hope I remember to soak and thwack my skein of handspun tonight so I can show it off in all it's glory on the podcast tomorrow.
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Must_Stash says I'm watching/listening to Two Tangled Skeins and looking through paperwork. Good times at work!
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