from Cheonma, Second life
April says Happy Star Wars Day!
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April says Decided to downsize my inworld SL store to the basic 512 square meters to cut costs. Seems not to have affected sales.
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April says So apparently Plurk gets cobwebs now if you haven't logged in for awhile...
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April says Anyone know anyone that's been given access to Linden Lab's new Sansar grid? Are the selected users able to divulge anything about avatar attachment physics?
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April says Just saw cutest ad ever on Youtube for teaching your kids to cook with you...
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April replurks mz_marville Quiz: Are You A Narcissist?
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April says The more I find out about Marvelous Designer, the more I'm wondering if I should spend $550 USD to get a perpetual license and start making serious SL mesh clothing...
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April says If you have to ask, then Yes. It was you who broke Plurk.
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April says So where are the coolest mesh builds these days?
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April says I tried going to the Mayfair sim last week and saw that it's gone. :'-(
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