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Blur Mannequin replurks rccluster https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4303/35882083292_9c58cce966_b.jpg Hey bloggers it's time for this! Apply to blog here!
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Blur Mannequin says https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4317/35252057404_426cb2c074_b.jpg MYNEWBAE AND ME
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Blur Mannequin replurks TurnipMurnip is anyone interested in renting a sim? I'm giving up my Offbeat sim rental so it is available if you are interested! It's 64k a month, 20k prims
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Blur Mannequin this puta is asking me what endocrine is why
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Blur Mannequin this patient deadass came into the clinic and asked what clinic this is mindyou the banner and everything is stated outside likewhydoihaveto mierda man im so mad
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Blur Mannequin when you ask a patient their last name and they reply with literally a sentence with 4 lastnames likewtf how
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Blur Mannequin replurks lxlNoel shares huge apple fall sale! https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4324/35175479633_11041905e9_b.jpg Second Life Maps | Fields
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Blur Mannequin Instagram post by Golden Retrievers • Jul 17, 2017 a... imdead rip me
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Blur Mannequin this patient just told me that he has psoriasis on his liver imsoclose to quitting my job holyshit
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Blur Mannequin this puta is deadass trying to test me today like i keep telling her that her appointment 12PM and shes like 11:15? lord help me today
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