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Fraydele says L'Shannah Tova!! Have a sweet New Year!
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Fraydele asks Spent the day making premie caps to send to Project Sweet Caroline. It's a great way to use up those sock yarn scraps! https://images.plurk.com/Aa7y-18Nc2CWdopJGmlvclEU8vK.jpg
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Fraydele says I just put year to date finished projects in KnitMeter. I'm shocked! 11548 yards! I didn't even fudge. That's 6.5 MILES of yarn! :-D
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Fraydele says https://images.plurk.com/Aa7y-2U7Tum58yO6qDgUpUJSpUJ.jpg Ladies and gentlemen, I present the next Doctor! He's already got his Sonic Screwdriver ready to go.
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Fraydele says https://images.plurk.com/Aa7y-37ooTfUXtoBr3C2eTLWpzs.jpg I'm on a roll. I finished another sweater! Seagrass in MadTosh DK.
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Fraydele says https://images.plurk.com/Aa7y-2a4fhTGBhtKPr4g3vrJThD.jpg Which buttons?
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Fraydele says Watching my boys play baseball outside. Having visions of my brother batting a ball into my dad's windshield! (rofl)
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Fraydele says https://images.plurk.com/Aa7y-364EaHMLwjPZJGOJYG0VYC.jpg Can't believe that I've finished 5 adult size sweaters so far this year. Too bad I live in GA and can't wear them until winter!
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Fraydele says mommyneedsyarn: You NEED to knit this! www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/born-i-am-hat
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Fraydele says StarTrek... Awesomeness....
I love it when a movie is as good as you want it to be! :-D
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