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MiLLiE soooo I blogged today.... No More I Tried...
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MiLLiE annnnd relog.... ffs
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MiLLiE sigh I definitely need a new graphics card. I have spent the best part of an hr basically logging and relogging SL because my computer can't handle it :-(
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MiLLiE North Korea Like You've Never Seen Before - Dir... Very interesting read. I feel sorry for the citizens of North Korea- none of them look happy :/
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MiLLiE replurks KaelynAlecto Pssst https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4380/36897114852_0e906578e3_b.jpg she's been released!!! Come try a demo!
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MiLLiE replurks WhimsyWinx Holy crap it dropped to a cat 3 faster than expected. That's a relief
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MiLLiE ugh, when you have to redo a whole photo shoot because you realise that you forgot to actually wear an accessory you really wanted to!
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MiLLiE so today I went to the bank to see about the possibility of getting on the property ladder. Off course the computer said no. I was expecting that anyway. But I was given some tips and an idea of where to get started so I can change that. And it might not -will not- happen right away. It's going it take work and some serious saving. But now I have a goal
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MiLLiE replurks ravenwings we are looking for bloggers at Narcisse.. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4339/36913620125_a2d4e74c06_b.jpg
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MiLLiE Just run out of diesel on the way to work... now I'm waiting for a mate to bring me some in a can and hopefully I can get on my way again! Gonna be late for work and they are probably going to sack me! Fml
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