from Preston, Great Britain (UK)
MiLLiE this weekend I have spent at 2 very different BBQ's. The first was with my bf. It was a verys tressful affair, with his dog constantly stalking my 2yr old and stealing food from his hands! My bf lets her get away with murder! The 2nd was at my mates which was a very family-friendly do with a bouncy castle for the kids and no dog.
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MiLLiE replurks Dysfunctionality Our FLF item is out now at Dysfunctionality, really sorry for the delay xx ♥ Store Teleport. (The 25L$ Chandelier is still available too. Both will be out through weekend.)
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MiLLiE 20 degrees here already. Gonna have breakfast in the garden then get on with some household chores and get round to sorting some land for the Manchester event in SL <3
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MiLLiE So tonight we held a vigil for the 21 Manchester victims of the bomb attack. It was beautiful to see sooo many turn up to show their respects and to greive for those we lost. We held a 1 minutes' silence then released balloons into the sky and finished with Arianna Grande's 'One last time'. Hope you can all see this video https://www.facebook.com/Donna.Marie.Eddison/videos/10155076562235210/
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MiLLiE Does anyone have sim space that we could hold a garage sale/ fundraiser event for the victims involved in the Manchester bombing?
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MiLLiE replurks CajsaLilliehook says Here's a thought. I have tons of stuff from gachas that I always "plan" to sell but then don't get around to doing it. If there were someone willing to allow their sim to be used for a giant garage sale, what if we all did a big yard sale for Manchester victims? Someone in UK would have to agree to accept donations & we could all put in a script to FWD $
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MiLLiE I wonder if there'll be an sl fundraiser to help the victims of the Manchester concert bombing like there was for the Pulse nightclub attack? I think it would be nice, but hell if I could organise something like that. I wouldn't even know where to start. There are just giving pages set up for the 2 Lancashire girls. The money could go direct to them....
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MiLLiE The absolute out-pouring of grief continues here in Lancashire, as the pile of flowers, toys and balloons laid in memory of Saffi Rose Rousso gets ever bigger.
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MiLLiE As if it wasn't sad enough, found out last night that I knew the family of the little girl who was killed in the Manchester concert bombing. Her family own the local chippy I frequently go to. My son has happily played with her while we've waited for our food RIP little Saffi Rose Rousso 😭😭😭
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MiLLiE replurks CajsaLilliehook says Wasabi Pills is looking for bloggers
Wasabi Pills Bloggers Application - May 2017
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