Penny Patton
from Peekskill, NY, United States
Penny Patton says Happy last day of 2011, everyone!
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Penny Patton says Looking forward to being home again, but having a great time with family and friends. Sounds like we might all go see Tintin tonight.
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Penny Patton says Is it just me or is the whole "short avatars=OMGAGEPLAY" idiocy making a comeback? Complete with 6' minimum height rules.
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Penny Patton says Check out this avatar mesh improvement you can do yourself! tinyurl.com/83pbptb
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Penny Patton says Am I crazy or didn't we used to have the ability to see feed posts made from our current location in SL? Where did it go?
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Penny Patton says Eeee! New computer ordered! Hopefully have it by the weekend so I have time to put it together and play with it for a day or two.
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Penny Patton says LL broke physics and some comments on the Jira give some shocking insight into just how messed up LL is. tinyurl.com/3ltyarx
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Penny Patton has gotten a new job, a great one, too! Tho, this means less time for SL stuff for a while.
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Penny Patton says Been crazy busy irl lately. Finally was able to try and relax to work on new SL stuff for fun. tinyurl.com/3hp6y4j A one-prim tent.
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Penny Patton says Updated the little sculpted well I made in SL. Cut three more prims out of it by redoing the rope as a sculpt. Also improved the textures!
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