male  Karma 93.15 
kartoonista loves his perpetually frozen karma. :-D
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kartoonista has bought another psychology book sa national bookstore glorietta bago magsarado (last day ng sale din).
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kartoonista shares https://images.plurk.com/818552_3a7ba9ee4b36124a1cbad85cd699e99c.jpg
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kartoonista wonders bakit yung mga private plurk ko mga spam?!
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kartoonista shares jack by pixie lott (lyrics) an immature take on love but the beat's real nice.
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kartoonista is trying to make this work. somehow. and i'm succeeding! ...somewhat.
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kartoonista is logging out now. (wave)
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kartoonista shares "The two Swiss have not been kidnapped, they are being held at "a house" in a safe location, in "accordingly good circumstances,
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kartoonista shares here's the first official promo pic from the upcoming "a-team" movie. From left to right is: B. Coop (as Lt. Peck)
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kartoonista says i'm still having net problems at home, i'm only able to access it on my mobile and it seems to crash and burn when plurk's accessed.
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