ՏɿՏՇɧ I'm still alive! Hi plurkies!
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Do you, in a notecard to a designer (or even in general when talking in SL) actually write words like 'smiles' and stuff?
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Good morning plurkitos! Happy tuesday! Burak Yeter - Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval
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ՏɿՏՇɧ When someone named "Marck the Shark" follows you on flickr
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ՏɿՏՇɧ We started watching American Gods and I'm really into it. Now I want to buy the book, but not sure if it's a good idea and will spoil my watching pleasure.
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Thank you so much WhiskeyMonday, for the inspiration! home
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ՏɿՏՇɧ So thankful for redelivery terminals. I just had 3 items at Collabor that didn't deliver at the event because lag!
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Good morning plurkitos!
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Done a portrait again https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4185/33684279103_ca0f57ced5_b.jpg
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ՏɿՏՇɧ Special offer! [KoKoLoReS]: MarketPlace weekend offer!
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