from Irvine, Great Britain (UK)
Victor1st says 8 hour new year party @ new babbage! Second Life Maps | Quarry Hill
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Victor1st says I'll be DJ'ing at the kick off for Oktoberfest in CDS! It'll also be one of Josie Fotheringtons last events as PIO of CDS... kicks off at 12noon SLT... Second Life Maps | Neufreistadt
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Victor1st says Currently DJing at Saffias Cake Against Cancer do for the next hour and a half! Second Life Maps | Sund proceeds going to MacMillan Cancer Support UK
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Victor1st says I'm not going to say it.. actually.. i will.. Jo Yardley and Draxtor.. I TOLD YOU SO... shoving Occulus down everyones throats along with the rest of the "elite luvvies" of SL... www.demanjo.com/news/technology/1704100/oculus-rift-recommended-minimum-pc-specifications-revealed.html
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Victor1st says Meeeeeeesh Legs!!! https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8650/16625906608_7e0d9f71be_b.jpg
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Victor1st says bunnehs.... BUNNEHS!!!!! Japan's RABBIT ISLAND - Incredible!
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Victor1st says Apparently its Pie day... noms on my second apple pie
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Victor1st says Time to replace the old prim and sculpt goaty legs ive been wearing for 4 years with something more up to date...
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Victor1st says Its all about knowing when to walk away. Walked away from the Dr Who SL RP scene when i got rid of the station. Walked away from RFL (finally) by handing over the Dr Who RFL team to someone else...
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Victor1st says Logged in, and got flooded with RFL stuff from all sides, three years in a row forced into captaining a team...now on the verge of just not logging into SL until this fucking 5 month long guilt trip is finished
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