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Mephron from the Arrowverse CoIE set: Burt Ward wearing a Robin-themed shirt https://images.plurk.com/65ZtAicIcjGOpcp02FtfQ3.jpg
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Mephron today on the subway. I told an asian woman she was a provably bad person, that her grandparents would be ashamed of her lack of civility and to enjoy the seat.
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Mephron I remixed Cap lifting Thor's hammer with The Tou...
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Mephron apparently the upcoming TV Crisis on Infinite Earths treats the Smallville comic as canon, at least the "season eleven" part.
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Mephron A piece of Duluth, MN: A Mausoleum To An Impractical Idea
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Mephron So this... https://images.plurk.com/OYwQxiJ6Jzuz4ky7kqtlg.jpg
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Mephron https://images.plurk.com/3pxGvzrX1Pk9oM4D55fk91.jpg
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Mephron The Fight Against Frozen Beef | Feast Of Legends Wen...
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Mephron if the guy playing in the new Joker movie died and became a zombie...
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Mephron blocked on twitter for 12 hours for telling off a TERF.
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