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Mephron man, one of my superpowers kicked in at work.
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Mephron wow. Played some of the 8.3 content this weekend and... I am uncertain about more now.
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Mephron have my threads/writing ever gotten a laugh out of you?
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Mephron 42 years ago a young lady released her first album, "The Kick Inside". Her name was Kate Bush, and I don't think she's got a single song I don't at least like, and many I adore.
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Mephron snow whatcha doin’?
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Mephron notional moment
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Mephron hey yarnzipan stay safe
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Mephron [this commute] I’m on the train, listening to music, when I get poked hard in the shoulder. An older gentleman says, when I pull out one side of my headphones, “Move it, lard-ass, I want the window.”
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Mephron I just had to tell someone that "I went and deleted the folder" is not an approved way of uninstalling a program on Windows and is why he can't install the new version.
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Mephron yup, yup. https://images.plurk.com/4NijjsakASXV6hXZvJcpMx.jpg
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