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Mephron I should have stayed in bed.
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Mephron so if someone tells you "you should hear something on Friday or Monday", is Tuesday too early to call, or do you wait for Wednesday just to be sure?
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Mephron Quoting John Cleese: plump as a manatee, aping humanity...
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Mephron [god I feel old] Huey Lewis and the News cancelled their summer tour.
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Mephron separated at birth....
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Mephron most famous person I met
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Mephron work is having an all-hands meeting. they did get some nonalcoholic drinks.

...pity they let people get to the drinks before the meeting and none are left...
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Mephron today's commute made me want to re-enact a scene from Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train".
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Mephron I just got pushed out of the way into an elevator in a subway station by a woman with one infant in a two-bay stroller who placed it in such a way no one else could answer, then told us she needed the whole thing to keep her baby safe and we could just wait for it to come back.
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Mephron what a bleh day. Everything is just bleh.
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