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Mephron got the last two skyshards today, so I went to non-screwy Pandaria and got the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Sky Serpent. So that was nice.
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Mephron shares https://imgs.plurk.com/Qyc/qGK/3grnKUZyiAgVeiRKPeHrDeFwN9O_lg.png
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Mephron At some point I will probably need to get into resin casting if only to make a few small gem-like items to fit spaces, as opposed to finding fake gems and designing things around them.
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Mephron runs in Stratholme today crossed into the four digits.
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Mephron This one is for the midwesterners out there.

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Mephron Food opinions? Ask me.
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Mephron My 3d printer is not working.
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Mephron This is a very interesting essay: Magical Girls as Metaphor: Why coded queer narrative...
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Mephron Mister Terrific.

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Mephron Furlough has been weird. I keep thinking I should be doing something.
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