Karma 111.00
Mephron seeing the "favorite movie from the year I was born" meme and feeling very old and tired.
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Mephron The Company is changing insurance companies.
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Mephron suddenly feel like I was hit by a bus. went to work today, mostly a full day. maybe that's why.
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Mephron Hogwarts houses? sure.
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Mephron This morning I took on a terrible burden out of love for my wife. Not because I did not think she could handle it, but so she did not need to. It was unpleasant, but it is now complete.
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Mephron day 7 of this cold. The cough is not going away. The cough syrup is burning when I take it the last couple of times. This is not good.
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Mephron I am having a cold of somewhat epic proportions. I woke up on Wednesday with no voice, and since I have been coughing, hacking, snorting, emitting various fluids, and not sleeping well.
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Mephron confirmed at Blizzcon:
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Mephron woke up with no voice. since my job involves taking phone calls, I am staying home.
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Mephron Did a visualosity for Meliantha: Discretion Advised
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