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Mephron I think the sales team at work is beginning to stop caring. I just got a case assigned to me that was absolutely a thing for Sales to answer, and they sent it to support.
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Mephron so they laid off two people at work today. I was not one of them. But in a department of 8, laying off two is not going to be fun.
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Mephron today in the "Dark and hollow laughter" department: https://images.plurk.com/5OvMe3zXr1ANIYVEeNkgnp.jpg
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Mephron It has been a quiet day and I am just generally felling quiet right now. I do have some plans for the weekend.
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Mephron NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV
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Mephron I just killed two of my coworkers.
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Mephron possible something to play in a D&D game if I’m allowed to: https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/...
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Mephron I just ran into someone on Facebook who it turns out was in gaming in college with my late friend Mike. And she didn't realize he'd passed away.
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Mephron Gen Con cancelled. SDCC cancelled. Wondering when they're going to cancel DragonCon...
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Mephron How are you ? https://images.plurk.com/9OzB5KTEL7orspZ7Ir0Mg.png
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