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Mephron and today in evil things people I watch on YouTube do... this is from Punished Props Academy:
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Mephron that moment when, again, you want to say something but it's going to come off racist if you say it.
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Mephron aw man, this sucks. Lupin III Manga Author Monkey Punch Passes Away at A...
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Mephron dear subway performer, if you’re singing “piano man”, you probably should be playing a piano. I’m just saying.
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Mephron my work password stopped working
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Mephron And now a brief word from Samantha Bee: https://images.plurk.com/2H8cK6le1G8OeHUitwyImR.png
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Mephron should have slept more, but that's on me. I feel a bit better now, though.
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Mephron Wow, this would never fly in the US: Court overturns referendum as voters were poorly inf...
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Mephron how to break the law in a funny way: https://images.plurk.com/5ehlGDjLwQExmKkMblSrmF.jpg
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Mephron guess how tall I am.
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