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Mephron hey yarnzipan does this bring you back to the old Milliways days? Events: Toy Fair 2019 - Photos of Ectotron from the ...
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Mephron today was a quiet day. I got some stuff at the store, and then we relaxed.
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Mephron and now, the video you never knew you needed until now: Pinky And The Brain Theme - Postmodern Jukebox ft. E...
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Mephron upcoming: 4 day weekend
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Mephron some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps.
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Mephron mentioned this in another Plurk, but: Gail Simone was asked on twitter what intercompany crossover she'd like to do, since she wrote Conan/Wonder Woman. She said "Lara Croft/Wonder Woman". And then artist Stjepan Sejic did some panels for it, because he's kind of fun that way.
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Mephron tomorrow it is to snow.
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Mephron nice day today. nice dinner with the pastor-in-law and a quiet evening.
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Mephron In two weeks I am going to get new glasses when a bonus from work comes in.
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Mephron Ron Wyden filed legislation today to legalize cannabis in the United States. One of his staffers must have been haunting the desk for a couple of days to do this, because it's Senate submission 420.
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