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Mephron 1) oh god, this is what an Irish store thinks of as “American food”

2) oh fuck, the top shelf

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Mephron [ This Brain, I Swear] [Youngins might not understand] I filled in some things in my bullet journal today, and then turned to the front to change the name. But I decided at the last moment to use the short form, not the full first name.
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Mephron Boldly going where I have never gone before!
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Mephron Well, my father, and therefore the rest of family, just dropped me on Facebook.

Their loss.
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Mephron trip tomorrow to Wal-Mart for insulin and, possible, more makeup.
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Mephron [GPOY]
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Mephron An announcement.

Okay. This is going to be a big one. (Plurk Paste)

I will take questions at this time.
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Mephron Job: Get!
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Mephron this one is mostly for gallantry

Humble Comic Bundle: HEAVY METAL's Heaviest Metal
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Mephron A redraw panel from an anime series.And she doesn’t look happy.
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