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Mephron presented without comment, because I know you guys will have your own:

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Mephron hi. It’s been a weekend.
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Mephron well, had some interviews. so that’s good. and my unemployment finally cleared.
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Mephron I'm just saying that if I'm there for an interview early, and you don't bother to show up at all, that should mean I get to skip you with a positive reference and move on to the next interview.
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Mephron Just found out someone who used to write for my writing group just died. He was riding his bike when he was the victim of a hit and run, and has been hospitalized, and went into cardiac arrest 2AM this morning.
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Mephron replurks chandnikhondji https://images.plurk.com/3oBIYswxZTadnPAvplVsf7.jpg
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Mephron I fixed my printer.
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Mephron At some point, the world has to stop kicking me when I'm down. Right?

Pandemic. Unemployment. Unemployment insurance problems. Now losing where we live.

I'm at the very edge of Just Done With It All.
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Mephron some news that yarnzipan will be happy to read ‘Green Lantern’ Series Gets Greenlight at HBO Max, S...
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Mephron [job hunt] the second interview went, I feel, well.
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