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Mephron one of the more underrated songs of the 80s: The Call - I Still Believe
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Mephron people doing picture generator memes without linking to the generator makes me sad.
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Mephron people who do picture memes without linking to the generator make me sad.
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Mephron I have a case that is someone being just utterly ridiculous.
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Mephron dear advertisers: if I see another Stadia ad I will give in to my evil urges and work out how to write a Stadia-killing virus so the entire thing becomes useless and I never have to see another fucking stadia ad ever.
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Mephron going into work today, crossing the street, someone made an illegal U-turn in a T intersection (coming up the T and turning in the cross-section) and almost pasted me crossing the stree (legally and with the light, I will have you know).
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Mephron I mentioned this channel earlier, but I decided to give some more of the videos for "how to build", some of them will be targeted at people directly.
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Mephron found this for Eeknsqueekn : How to Play Bayonetta in Dungeons & Dragons
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Mephron I regret to inform people that SF and Star Trek episode writer Dorothy Catherine (D. C.) Fontana has passed away at the age of 80.
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Mephron from Dan Slott, former Spider-Man comic writer: https://images.plurk.com/1HnqbOkBsJNkc4NXvRXcfc.jpg
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