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Gwalchmei made new icon!!n
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Gwalchmei The Final Run - A Shadowrun Universe Story
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Gwalchmei So my upcoming Shadowrun game is going to start with the death of my first Shadowrun character. (of old age, nothing violent.)
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Gwalchmei working on my 3D printing project! the printing is done, now the hard part begins..,
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Gwalchmei TMW the idea for a RPG campaign comes together in your head and people nearby watch nervously as you grin and write.
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Gwalchmei Mephron is your go-to for...

hardmode: not “puns” :-)
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Gwalchmei I have determined that if I were ever to get a tattoo, it would be six words. The best advice I’ve ever heard.

“Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.”
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Gwalchmei so last night at 8 PM I saw a sale at Target, and we went over and shopped. now we have towels that don't cause asthma attacks, sheets, and a lamp in the living room.
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Gwalchmei note to self, get the Shadowrun Court of Shadows book to use in a campaign. Because it looks like I could really have fun screwing with minds with it.
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Gwalchmei This is what happens when the editor-in-chief of my writing group gets random inspiration: Eyrie Productions, Unlimited - Dungeons & Randos
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