Gwalchmei Our Blessed Rebel Queen.
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Gwalchmei The two day wake for my friend Mike involved talking, drinking, drunken karaoke and luchadors fighting Nazi vampires. Calling that a success.
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Gwalchmei Because the universe sucks: How mid-2000s emo groomed underage girls and poisoned teen boys
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Gwalchmei Tmw you get called a SJW for trying to explain why “trap” is an anti trans slur and get accused of looking for a reason to be offended. By a tabletop gamer.
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Gwalchmei RIP Hiromi Tsuru. Bulma in DBZ, Ukyo in Ranma, Madoka in Kimagure Orange Road, Meryl Strife in Trigun, Kiddy Phenil in Silent Mobius, and the titular Ghost Sweeper Mikami.
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Gwalchmei and so I see a can of seltzer that makes me think of yarnzipan
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Gwalchmei woke up at 2:30 AM after 4 hours or so of sleep. not sleepy. grumpy about that.
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Gwalchmei Things That Never Happened: Eiko's Return img.youtube.com/vi/VCHfVZIAZ6s/0.jpg
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Gwalchmei replurks chandnikhondji WOHOOOO!
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