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福天使・ヨゥバン thinks https://images.plurk.com/5KGK82e2R4L4ShOhOruV3g.jpg https://images.plurk.com/5srJQeamRKmVtVPF2MzH6i.png

Signboards at the new Yogyakarta International Airport.

The only thing that I want to object is: Why there's no sign in Javanese language?! ? !? ?

Only Bahasa Indonesia, English, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

No sign in Javanese? Are you kidding me?! ? (taser)

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福天使・ヨゥバン hates This is what they do:
Sri Lanka attacks 'linked to foreign network'
This is what Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu-'Alaihi Wa Sallam actually said (based on authentic hadiths):
https://images.plurk.com/2m5JkzDWmG1zs6gUlY6ngL.jpg https://images.plurk.com/DoseeYo8D2clst1FMFc2X.png

I extremely dislike when people talk about Islam while actually they know nothing about Islam.
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes RearFront - Woman Tries To Attack Elon Musk, Gets Savagely Shut Down.
Woman Tries To Attack Elon Musk, Get’s Savagely Shut...
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福天使・ヨゥバン writes https://images.plurk.com/2g0uLJBzK5MfXFVGcBqDeg.jpg


Especially if you aren't that smart. He's the Lord of Memes, King of All Nerds. (LOL)

Woman Tries To Attack Elon Musk On Twitter, Doesn’t ...
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Let me introduce you to Elon's new girlfriend. (cozy)

Elon Musk and his new girlfriend. (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes https://images.plurk.com/Iob0DrzlG2Zcih2kkQqTl.jpg https://images.plurk.com/3Ke0FLWTG4UC1Cs3N0cg98.jpg

We know what you wear, Elon. (evilsmirk)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes https://images.plurk.com/4VHEInT7MfoHKXb20dwM3T.png https://images.plurk.com/dGyTtOqmvunRTt1I0rwUe.png https://images.plurk.com/1nQlJ4jgFcNb6fLqG2OaJV.png https://images.plurk.com/7wzuI2695u2HrZJpDdtqtq.png https://images.plurk.com/daVqvj2FgtR7O0NqT2xYb.png https://images.plurk.com/6CnUfgTTRORrQ8BLoofJ4X.png https://images.plurk.com/168TuvQQwaXKIoqYFyOX7S.png

When Elon Musk liked a clip of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal on Twitter.

The whole techno, geeky, and Otaku world are in shock. (LOL) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes "Jeff who?" is a famous meme by Elon Musk when someone on Twitter talked about Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Co-Founder of Amazon, currently the richest man in this world, Elon famously replied: "Jeff who?" (LOL)

It's as famous as his other memes: "What is Facebook?" and "Funding secured". (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes News:
SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Destroyed In Engine Test.

https://images.plurk.com/63BBHerwHqEgVIvxsGsnyB.png https://images.plurk.com/7MHfUOr5YMEqfZOtQBXXgT.png https://images.plurk.com/3cZyioNdjGqvp47LmyeFS9.png https://images.plurk.com/60XhtKFZfGD7HH71mjpspM.png https://images.plurk.com/772uLXUPslnoDQi68ownXU.png https://images.plurk.com/yyHzb4tK1ibKKBjNQ01KD.png https://images.plurk.com/iaSSzU0gSTthx6E5lMU8p.png https://images.plurk.com/t2lHupVnOjrzsYdWooxk.png

This made my day. (LOL) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing - Nikon P1000Just Elon's normal rocket landings from the future. (LOL)
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