福天使・ヨゥバン shares Justice League Comic Con Trailer.
JUSTICE LEAGUE 4 Minutes Trailer (Comic Con Exclusiv...The Flash is the fastest, but he doesn't just disappear because he thinks that's rude. (LOL) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン thinks Minggunya yg lalu bawa laptopnya ke Dell Service Center, soalnya agak error tombolnya. Ditinggal, katanya nanti dihubungi lagi kalau sudah dicek.

Minggu kmrn sudah dihubungi 2x, tapi ndak tak angkat, krn yg satu pas dijalan, yg satunya lagi pas HP-nya ditinggal.

Barusan sore, ditelpon lagi, dan saya ndak nyadar juga, ndak tak angkat juga. (doh) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン is listening to Linkin Park - One Step Closer.
One Step Closer (Official Video) - Linkin ParkThe spree still continues... :-))

I cannot take this anymore.
Saying everything I've said before.
All these words they make no sense.
I've found bliss in ignorance.
Less I hear the less you'll say... (music)
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福天使・ヨゥバン shares Robot cop found face down in office-block fountain

Forget about Terminator or Robot Uprising. Even A.I. can be depressed and commit suicide. (LOL)

A K5 unit kills itself at Georgetown harbor. (LOL) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes I'm in Linkin Park spree. That awesome younger years.

From Hybrid Theory, to Re: Animation, to Meteora, and so on. (music)(rock)(rock)
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福天使・ヨゥバン thinks If developers create Go-Jek, Grab, etc. as local versions of Uber, and create Tokopedia, Bukalapak, etc. as local versions of Amazon or eBay, someone shall create Nginep as a local version of Airbnb too. (haha)

Or, there's already a localized version of Airbnb? ? (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン thinks Is anyone Airbnb-ing their house so that I can stay in their home now? (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン thinks Spider-Man: Homecoming is not amazing, but it isn't that bad. It's still fun. (LOL)

Positive (personal) review: Light-hearted.
Negative (personal) review: Cheesy.

It gets a very high score on Rotten-Tomatoes tho. :-D
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes Nungguin end credit scene. (LOL)

Sepi sekaliii. (LOL) (LOL)
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福天使・ヨゥバン likes Jam setengah 9 malam pergi kesini hanya buat nonton Spider-Man: Homecoming. (LOL)

Ambil yg midnight, selesainya jam 11-an malam. :-D

Dulu sama adik (kandung) juga pernah jam setengah 12 malem baru keluar dari Mall. (LOL) (LOL)
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