from City of Smiles, Philippines
ميشيل✿ sleepy head... watching 13 reasons why...
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ميشيل✿ just miss small corns eaten 5 cobs
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ميشيل✿ doesn’t taste good but got a lot of benefits in the body... must drink.
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ميشيل✿ nbi clearance collected next will be bir, philhealth, gsis and cedula
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ميشيل✿ when you hate someone you love for some reasons... (brokenheart)
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ميشيل✿ macbook fell off sofa onto floor got my first noticeable scratches
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ميشيل✿ does any body know here what are the requirements for prc license authentication?! :-))
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ميشيل✿ this coco movie made me cry happy tears
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ميشيل✿ that feeling when you are hiding to the point that you have to deactivate all your social media accounts but not plurk... no no no!
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ميشيل✿ i run as fast as i can...
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