from Dearborn, MI, United States
Sarah feels very mellow from the pain meds for my back, or maybe the Kahlua and cream... (LOL)
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Sarah is ALIVE!!! (dance)
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Sarah says life is so much better now that I am unpacked, just wish I had found my silverware... I'll just wait for black fri, they have some deals
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Sarah is waiting, not so patiently, till the day I can sit, listen to a books on tape, spin or knit and NOT think of things that need to be done.
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Sarah is Up early and on my way to work, here's hoping for a good day (goodluck)
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Sarah needs a new laptop/hard drive, my one in my laptop is failing and I don't know if I can fix it :-(
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Sarah is feeling like crap! got a virus I think, and I still need to paint my office (sick)
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Sarah is enjoying the 4 or so hours that is my weekend, then its back to working on the house. :-))
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Sarah is enjoying my day off, working on the house, chilling, what a spectacular day. B-)
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Sarah says goodnight! hugs and kisses all around
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