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Hsiang 突然發現埃及有個十月六日城耶!
有機會一定要去看看!!! XD
There's a 6th October City in Egypt! Gotta find a chance to visit there!
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Hsiang 外面12度, 可是我房間裡面竟然只有10度...
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Hsiang don't feel like doing anything
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Hsiang 這是真的嗎?112年來首度...這是不是代表我們離「明天過後」又更近了呢?
百年來首見 埃及開羅降下大雪 - 自由電子報 即時新聞
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Hsiang shares 痞客邦的新相簿 Countryside Trip: IMG_0267.JPG
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Hsiang shares 蔡琴 - 恰似你的溫柔另一首經典(原來我也聽了好幾首蔡琴的歌,哈哈)
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Hsiang shares 蔡琴 - 被遺忘的時光.....金曲再呈獻【附字幕MV】【HD】看了金馬獎,突然好想聽這首經典歌...
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Hsiang shares https://www.facebook.com/uewspaper
Our project: uewspaper (Re-Use the Newspaper). Come on! Just click the link and like our Facebook page!
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Hsiang shares Arianna Huffington's 2013 Smith College Commencement...Well-being, Wonder and Wisdom. She had an interesting and successful speech which brings not only the amusement but also significance for these graduates... with her funny accent!
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Hsiang 親愛的姨媽,要來請快點來...不要這樣要來不來的... :-(
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