RC Cluster
from Salchicha Harbor, Second Life, United States
RC Cluster https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4761/39656605504_c43c78dbce_b.jpg
Introducing the Salchicha County Exploration Adventure! See if you can find all 4 maps that guide you through a series of hidden environments for you to explore.

First hint to Map # 1: TP in and search somewhere wet.
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RC Cluster replurks SophHarlowSL Today is national.... add someone on plurk that you’re too shy or nervous to add! Pass it on! Oh and unless you killed their pet rabbit or hate them, they have to accept.
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RC Cluster So instead of limited snack foods for munchies I've switched to UNlimited steamable vegetables, plain popcorn and seltzer water for snacks and I lost 7 lbs!
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RC Cluster Do you have a hot dog? Do you have a bike? do this! GIF
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RC Cluster I had to leave the meeting early, dog got sick right as bf came in the door
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RC Cluster strawberrysingh -- Suggestion maybe! I'd love to see a video how-to with helpful hints on how to use JIRA to improve second life ♥
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RC Cluster Dog owners - Recall on Smucker's Gravy Train and other pet products due to a EUTHANASIA DRUG found in food -- read full list at bottom
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RC Cluster I would have really loved to see some of the money that went to Sansar put into the marketplace instead. I think it would have ultimately helped LL and SL by updating it to have more filters and making it easier to shop. But I mean a VR world is cute too I guess.
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RC Cluster replurks mrsknelstrom BIG POST HERE - what do you miss in SL? I just noticed last year december was my 10th rezday, I decided to share what I miss badly in Second Life. Mostly those were my early sl days - 2008 - 2011 and I'm adding some pics in case you don't know what I'm talking about.
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RC Cluster https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4615/38465821540_bd2cf37016_b.jpg fun time last night!!
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