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RC Cluster I'd like to read tarot cards in SL sometime again.
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RC Cluster neighbor was fussing with her baby in the stroller when I came back from the store and every time I see that kid I'm like ugh I can't believe its still a baby, it never grows! But I've only actually lived here a year. Still tho get it together baby why dont you grow up already
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RC Cluster What are these called in RL? are they still swag lamps or do they have something more specific? https://imgs.plurk.com/QuW/1SM/hZuC6fOyQXSumwDyiprMBQRH0bo_lg.jpeg
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RC Cluster I think it was omgwtfbarb who posted an info graphic about changing lanes and how you should just not, and now there is an NPR show about it: Is Weaving Between Lanes During Rush Hour Worth It?
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RC Cluster My pharmacist lady remembered me and as she was googling to find me some coupons (cause no insurance) I was thanking her like "I've had lots drama with medications over the last two years" and she was like "I understand, I've helped you a lot" with a kind of nice-lady-tone and I was like
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RC Cluster Lol brad just called Donald "Our special needs president"
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RC Cluster Good Gravy Gacha Thrift Shop has been restocked finally!
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RC Cluster -RC- Cluster's Bento Bongs - NEW! New Bongs finally available at the Main Store, several colors + Bento!
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RC Cluster Guys I've been doing a lot of things that I used to be afraid to do.
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RC Cluster -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club Extended Round!The Best Friends Club Round 6 is EXTENDED!
Join the group, open all the notices, grab the freebies and you're done until next month when you have the option to join again!
Everything new from RC now until June 26th for L$350!

Group Ejection Day: 7/11
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