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Rezzie shares Ohai! Checking in after another long time away. But I had a good reason for my absence!
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Rezzie asks is the new Glam Affair build open? I wanna go check it out and try on that new pretty skin! :-D
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Rezzie Spent part of the day opening and sorting some really old stuff in my objects folder. Everything here is months old, possibly close to a year!
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Rezzie asks just out of curiosity: Are breedables still a thing? Anyone still do them (either casually or as one of them main SL things)? If so, which ones are big?
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Rezzie has some news to announce!
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Rezzie anyone else watching Food Network right now? With the little kids?
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Rezzie loves fall in New England.
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Rezzie wants https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7452/9594037911_2e2cc6a12a_b.jpg Finally blogging this place I went to a few weeks back, and now I'm craving the eggs benny I had SO BAD
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Rezzie is currently unboxing things from February.... 2012! Apparently I hadn't sorted in a while
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Rezzie asks has anyone seen extras of the Belleza skin set up at any of the flea markets?
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