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pandosnarky is Hanging at MFF with artie_martin, tuabella,cjkopec& alynxia (dance)
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pandosnarky says good morning plurkville. No work till this afternoon. Heading over to the Leland Lodge to help out backstage at the civic club's fundraiser fashion show. Wearing Evenstar cuz we gotta parade in the finale
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pandosnarky says hello to all my plurk pals. Been a busy week so far. Rehearsal for civic club fashion show in the AM. Spent afternoon charting out Emyn Muil, using EnvisionKnit instead of Intwined Design Studio.
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pandosnarky says looks like jennywren & I will be going to MFF after all (woot)
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pandosnarky says hello lovelies. Sorry to be absent for so long. Finally started up with instagram while at SSK: pandosnarky over there too. Only so many hours in the day - sigh... (wave)
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pandosnarky says So I was driving down here yesterday & it just seemed like something was missing...
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pandosnarky Just talked jennywren into coming to MFF next month. Gonna pick her up in Muskegon from the ferry
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pandosnarky Is at SSK in Nashville hanging with jennywren & irishdiva
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pandosnarky Time to haul my carcass out of bed & hit the road. Later pleeps
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pandosnarky Is holed up in the comfort inn in Indy. WB back safe & sound with daddy
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