from Central, IL, United States
AlienDog says Good morning. It's gotten a bit chilly here. A nice spring-like 42°, but expecting 63° this afternoon.
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AlienDog says good afternoon!
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AlienDog says Thanks everyone for prayers & thoughts. My dad passed on at 9:59 yesterday morning. He had a great life, & I'm glad I was his kid.
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AlienDog says afternoon! Please keep my dad & family in your prayers/thoughts. He's in hospital, & whole family gathered around hoping he might recover. :'-(
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AlienDog Good morning. Gotta take Tick for a run now that it's not raining. Enjoy your TGIF! Happy 1st day of Spring!!
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AlienDog says Good morning. Cold & rainy. Three degrees cooler, and it'd be snow or ice. Feeling lucky today! Enjoy your pre-Friday!
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AlienDog Good morning. Happy Hump Day! Going from 29°F to 52°F. Have a brilliant Wednesday.
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AlienDog says Good morning. Happy St Patrick's Day! Going from 78° to 28°! Have to cover tulips, peony, suprise lillies, & daffodils.
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AlienDog says Good morning. Time change destroys my routine w/ time for a shower, bird feeding, dog walking, plurking pre 8:20. Enjoy your day!
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AlienDog Good morning. We're a little closer to Friday! It'll be 55° and sunny today; time for t-shirt & shorts! Lunatic loved playing in the mud & slush from snow melt yesterday. Have an awesome day!
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