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Goober replurks IzzieButton Summerfest 2021 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51255126960_eab4a5847b_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51257001013_f3d9b319fb_b.jpg out now at Summerfest
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Goober Anyone have any recommendations for pose shops? Preferably pinup style
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Goober https://images.plurk.com/6LWW2dTbyb9pcsgLQtKJJN.png
"Oh, I'm sorry...were you trying to work? Quit complaining, and just admire my beauty!"
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Goober Anyone super familiar with the skins in the LeL Lilly pack? Trying to find the matching body skin at Glam Affair, for the one that is listed as "LeLUTKA.Base.Face.Lilly.001"...I can still see the neck seam, but I think it's either GA's beige, Ivory or Sand. Anyone know for sure?
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Goober https://images.plurk.com/5slyPpoY2qQh1yMIW6Rlkg.png Working in blender...thought I'd take a break to mess with my Lelutka head some more...feelin' kinda cute today, now that I almost have something similar to my "norm" look going on!
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Goober anyone have any tips or tricks on rigging clothing? It feels like when I finally get one part rigged perfect, something gets messed up elsewhere...this is why I never do clothing anymore...
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Goober isn't there a demo area at Foxcity? I could have sworn there was a teleporter that went to a room with mini versions of the rooms out on display...maybe i'm thinking of somewhere else
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Goober https://images.plurk.com/MGkusVh6Pm80QJCMgZFD.jpg just thought I'd share. finished these two last night
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Goober replurks ZeeZuleicca https://images.plurk.com/5rPjcaRx0O1UszfYg3edGv.png EGGstravaganza! 2021 is on!

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Free HUD in MP
Free HUD inworld
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Goober anyone have any easter baskets available right now?
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