OrisHereButGone ok, i think it's time for a bit of Fallout 4, then I need to get started on a new gacha
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OrisHereButGone replurks AlaskaMetro

Summerfest 2017 - sneak peek
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OrisHereButGone replurks Mochimochi Sneaku peeku (right for Powder Pack CATWa July)
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OrisHereButGone HALP! Ok, so I made a desk and a separate collision. I can't get the collision to work, for whatever reason. The gif is me trying to walk towards the front of the desk. This is the collision: What am I doing wrong?
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OrisHereButGone made a desk. feelin accomplished rn Also, yay, Firestorm update!
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OrisHereButGone replurks kreaokuroi_kujisawa says RP plzā™„ https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4211/35393169256_f2d9991d51_b.jpg coming at Lootbox! hope you like this new set lootbox special items:
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OrisHereButGone replurks Sasscassmiddles Coming Soon: The SL Dating Game Show Announcement there, donnnee
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OrisHereButGone I need to design and build a front desk but i don't want to because lazy
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OrisHereButGone replurks DistortedDreams https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4262/34620750923_a8e31a28fc_b.jpg Out now at Kawaii Project! Second Life Maps | Cookies
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OrisHereButGone https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4231/35251760362_7445415915_b.jpg Out now at The Kawaii Project!

Second Life Maps | Cookies
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