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Snow-ri Anyone knof of a good light script that uses both detached control panel as well as touch to turn on?
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Snow-ri has anyone run into this issue? I am trying to upload a mesh with 4 materials on it. But when I rez it inworld, it only has one face. I have tried saving it with different names, and separating all parts in blender, then rejoining them...nothing is working!
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Snow-ri https://imgs.plurk.com/QuR/Jn6/FkUinPE0Cywnk1THl7LmxYazBdA_lg.png i look creepy as hell, wtf. like when someone leaves a cute doll sitting in just the right spot, and the lights go out...instant horror movie
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Snow-ri https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4740/38990805334_acdf2bf8c1_b.jpg Rogue makes awesome sets! Posting here, cause she refuses to use plurk :-P
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Snow-ri https://imgs.plurk.com/QuR/8h7/M5fl0KldysyBafe6jGBZAoPN2DL_lg.png I think I'm finally satisfied with the face!
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Snow-ri https://imgs.plurk.com/QuR/qyF/Zcavgdmy1v5HpCubQBWwSfG5N7p_lg.png ok, i think i am close...still tweaking my shape for the Uma head
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Snow-ri Torkai killed me. back to work
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Snow-ri replurke MikoShinDo https://www.facebook.com/mikoshindo1/videos/1229051753905201/ for the ones who want a preview of the lashes coming at TSS here it is!
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Snow-ri I wanna play too
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Snow-ri is it just me, or is there a feeling of incompleteness for everyone, when their plurk coins are all gone? lol...i wish there were a way to earn them instead of purchasing
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