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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/1Od3W4osS4ftRzuzkI6VIS.png whoever is telling people to do this is on crack
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MissInvisible Does anyone know if the owner of Stealthic puts their hairs in games other than the Sims & SL? I just found one of them in a FO4 plugin...
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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/5Rc11YbBweXKegYiTKHQiV.png
anyone happen to know what head/skin this is?
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MissInvisible nabbed We Happy Few last weekend, and I have become obsessed with it. Not worth the $50 they usually charge, but it's worth the discounted price. kinda feels like Fallout 4, in a weird way
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MissInvisible just watched the first episode of The Witcher, and now I want to play it more than ever. maybe I'll get myself a gift for Christmas....
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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/qUhX8TbJUpQk5A9u6a4jm.png popped back to my old traditional out of curiosity....yeah, not the same, so i don't miss it :-D
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MissInvisible no sidewalk textures, no snowy roof, can't change the ceilings and house texturing/tinting in general is a pain in the ass...LL really should have waited on the victorian release
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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/gmiTEgwwkJ8ivNXkkLLrC.png so my plot isn't exactly level....my ocd is screaming right now
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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/2DDXEGeLwTqGw32OBN3rC9.png woah...aparently i'm on the edge of the sim. not just the edge, but the absolute corner. there was a house there, then there was water. that freaked me out for a sec haha
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MissInvisible https://images.plurk.com/2O7zUUjNFN6Wj0eUlgtNvM.png bye bye traditional, hello victorian!
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