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🐳Oripoo🐳 so, a guy walks into a bar...
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🐳Oripoo🐳 sent the hubby to Aldi. he texts me just now...
hubby: do you want pancake syrup or maple syrup?
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🐳Oripoo🐳 I guess the universe doesn't want me making prefabs again. can't login on aditi to test them out
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🐳Oripoo🐳 munchin on some green peppers and spinach dip so goooood
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🐳Oripoo🐳 anyone else having issues logging in to Aditi?
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🐳Oripoo🐳 https://imgs.plurk.com/Qwz/HVN/6HEhBNHY5ZslF7qc39bR3j5MkOo_lg.png uhm...hell yes!
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🐳Oripoo🐳 replurks SecondLifeSyndicate says Spellbound is a new monthly event featuring 40 creative designers. No themes, no gachas, just great creations by all! More info below.

Taxi: Smiles
Info: Spellbound Is Open! | Second Life Syndicate
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🐳Oripoo🐳 just started getting a downpour, so of course, my ass is gonna fully charge my phone in case the power goes out, cause, i am not gonna be bored damnit!
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🐳Oripoo🐳 when someone did you wrong, and you can't even
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🐳Oripoo🐳 heading out for a little bit of shopping, since I have not left the house all week due to the shitty weather. gotta pick up some animal supplies and craft thingies and groceries and junk. gonna be fun
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