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🐳Oripoo🐳 I think I might go to bed early tonight. I'm bored af
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🐳Oripoo🐳 I'm thinking that a huge majority of people in SL have not yet mastered the art of "camming" when they shop. why move out of the way to an empty area and cam, when they can all just pile up in the landing zone?
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🐳Oripoo🐳 nothing like relaxing to the sounds of late night rain, with a big glass of rosé!
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🐳Oripoo🐳 https://imgs.plurk.com/QwA/Nft/XGtj1dJkZ70UL6c48YMiIsGkcpB_lg.png anyone remember this? Messing around, I decided to remake it. https://imgs.plurk.com/QwA/IWi/X2vwMZri9lfuSyI7x0Nfp3zxJXt_lg.png
Now to get it rigged...
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🐳Oripoo🐳 kinda wish we could buy more prims on linden land...
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🐳Oripoo🐳 https://imgs.plurk.com/QwA/ph8/AT1SlV8ryxwdywFitbikmrlEIqW_lg.jpg anyone know where this hair is from?
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🐳Oripoo🐳 I always hate having to go through and remove unrelated photos from my flickr group. I have finally come to the point where if someone posts even one unrelated pic, I remove them and all of their pics immediately. i swear, people never read the info on a page before joining and posting. it's a STORE group, not a free-for-all, damnit!
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🐳Oripoo🐳 The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netf... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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🐳Oripoo🐳 https://images.plurk.com/4W9PCWFfEIpUr6DHZ4sXU5.jpg I never get pics of this little girl, because she never sits on my lap for long
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🐳Oripoo🐳 without materials: https://imgs.plurk.com/QwA/4Lj/hsvZ2565bqfn1Ss6kXhiqPm3Tv0_lg.png
with materials: https://imgs.plurk.com/QwA/Prk/N9An4l0wTSbwPpZwbbPja3zO9rK_lg.jpg

Anyone have any tips for getting the materials look to translate over to the non-materials texture? Feels like forever ago since I have done this, but the last time I did, it was in an older version of blender. there is no blender render in 2.8 anymore
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