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🐳Dolly Dearest Charles Outlaw
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🐳Dolly Dearest ugh! I hate when people in the FB fish groups start attacking people for no damn reason. I mean, if someone is asking for help....HELP THEM. Don't just start picking at them about everything that is wrong with a scenario. And if they are just posting to share, comment nicely or don't comment at all. It's not that damn hard!
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🐳Dolly Dearest has anyone made a worry-free rig for clothing yet? lol
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🐳Dolly Dearest https://images.plurk.com/16pPZqnRPdf4USEFCIqjhc.png ok, so...I need a new face. Gonna think on it for a long while, but what do you guys think?

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🐳Dolly Dearest RP plz: Claudette's Candles - VIP Gift New VIP group gift!
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🐳Dolly Dearest omg my whole house smells like Trader Joe's samosas!
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🐳Dolly Dearest https://imgs.plurk.com/Qwx/Ehl/Pl8SQ1dJMBEXwrYIrrpZStIln5h_lg.png Anyone happen to know where this hair is from?
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🐳Dolly Dearest https://images.plurk.com/uUynjumX4Jk1xx3YbNhzJ.jpg https://images.plurk.com/3fxT2IYcs0ElaneI63pDaU.jpg she thinks she's helping me in blender...
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🐳Dolly Dearest RP plz: Gacha Garden May 2019Jilly Flats Gacha Jilly Flats Gacha SOI Lifeguard Floaties Gift
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🐳Dolly Dearest well holy hell...apparently today is my 10 year plurk-iversary...time flies, I guess
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