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ClosetCreature shares https://images.plurk.com/80ae69c386a15ee88f50c3219ea5ce1e.jpg For Mama!
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ClosetCreature is peterpiperpizza with the kids for micci's soccer party. Lot's of fun until your daughter tells you you're to old to play games :-(
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ClosetCreature loves having the ability to plurk and tweet from his phone
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ClosetCreature shares lmao birdysknits as she just now realized that to figure out military time you just subtract 12 from any time after noon
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ClosetCreature is SASilverstars game with the kids while birdysknits hangs out with her knitting buddies
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ClosetCreature says happy mothers day everyone, especially BIRDY
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ClosetCreature is heading to bed....night all
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ClosetCreature shares Laura signs I dont wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith another great ASL performace for Aerosmith Don't want to miss a thing
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ClosetCreature shares Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA - ASL Song I love this guys ASL singing
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ClosetCreature says howdy everyone!!! my project with work is almost over! So I should be returning soon!!!
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