from Philippines
ryeness has successfully changed all his passwords.
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ryeness has homework to do, projects to finish and deadlines to meet. thing is, he doesn't know how to be diligent. he never did, even in University.
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ryeness just heard the loudest burp ever! it was butch, mean, scary. and it came from a homo sapien less than 3 feet in height, and barely 2 yrs old
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ryeness wishes he could extend the long weekend.
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ryeness is had a decent breakfast: toasted garlic baguette with cheese and freshly blended mango-banana smoothie with protein powder. :-P
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ryeness shares Labor Day shit
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ryeness is in for a nice whole body massage from T. the sight of the massage table, Elemis oils and skin brush make him giggle like a 16-year old.
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ryeness is is making pasta for an italian guest. pressure!
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ryeness is off to the gym. dapat ganun, ate faye!
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ryeness shares Outside The Rain Begins
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