Karma 97.50
ॐ andavane for a while, andavane's been a wondrin'?
Has his life been in Vane? vein? Or should that be in Veign?
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ॐ andavane Friday. Is that the frying day?
Not necessarily...
It's more of a Baking Day the Day..
What about other Plurkies? I bet that Atropos will have a spot of Frieing on the Go!
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ॐ andavane wonders Whether any of the his P-friends have sampled, or been on course of "Jia Wei Xiao yao San" capsules; and if so, what the outcome is/was....?
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ॐ andavane says A Tory MP, Mr J Broken shire, has just popped his Clogs.. Agéd 53.......mmmmmmm
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ॐ andavane says Last night I had a Dream:
There was a nationwide General Election and.....
The following day, the cheers and General Rejoicing were so Voluminous that they reached the Very Gates of Paradise.
Saint Peter made copies of his ephemeral keys and distributed them among the Poor.
Emmanuel. Rejoice!
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ॐ andavane has a very Sore Mouth.
Does any of his P/Friends know of a good treatment for this?
Thanks in advance, dear ones...
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ॐ andavane says that today Dreams kept wafting into his waking life.
What a Thing is That?!
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ॐ andavane says Oh look! The beginning of another year. Week. Day. Hour. Second. Then who knows what?
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ॐ andavane thinks ... that in another Life Scenario,
snailrind could team up here.
And they'd be a force to reckon with!
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ॐ andavane thinks Wednesday is probably the best day of the Week.
If you happen to be andavane
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