ॐ andavane
from Ely, Great Britain (UK)
ॐ andavane Energy levels: Zero
Enthusiasm: Nil
Discernment: Zilch
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ॐ andavane Quotes :
Gender is what's between your ears,
Not what's between your legs
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ॐ andavane (I) Go to see our Silly Sister) Today, 171017: done
(ii) Do shops Done
(iia) and bolt to surgery for flu jabs Done
(iii) flake out & grab sandwich DOING
(iv) Go to Evening sesh in Cambridge (preparing)
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ॐ andavane says Ophelia's a dangerous and moody lady.
Already she's knocked on a man and a woman in Ireland.
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ॐ andavane had such a large community lunch today,
He still feels he's gonna
Burst if he ain't careful.
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ॐ andavane What's up?
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ॐ andavane Looks around at all the signs of Autumn.
Changeable, frisky, often risky, blowy and unpredictable.
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ॐ andavane has never known anybody who told me :
I had a truly wonderful Thursday!
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ॐ andavane exeat : Does the phrase
"Would you miss me?"
Ring any Bells?
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ॐ andavane lost his way on Plurk yesterday
so was relieved to see a signpost
this morning,
After his head had cleared a bit
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