male  Karma 132.01 
ॐ andavane Found himself asking for "a doblet" of tomato sauce with his breakfast.
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ॐ andavane 28—30th August :
andavane'll be having 12+ family members dropping in to see how he is.
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ॐ andavane (woot)
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ॐ andavane went to get his 5-year Visa, from the office in Goswell Road, London, this morning!
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ॐ andavane Was fascinated: This morning when he looked left to see Shuffey, his position was the same, but:
The entire Animal was dusted with simmering specks. It was so magical!
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ॐ andavane asks Dear Plurkies : andavane has a microwave oven and a little cooked white rice and he wants to make a tasty dessert, or main dish out of it
Well, andavane can't do it, but JRaj or Barney are willing to study a Reci Pee!
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ॐ andavane has an issue which he will take to Shuffey, concerning strange things happening in his life, recently.
Usually I just side load (not download!).
Shuffey manages all these issues very nicely : a few little burps and shuffles and then a morning or so later, out pops the the solution. Or a fresh set of instructions!
I lovesya, Shuffey.
Eh, Flagon? (woot)
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ॐ andavane thinks There’s nothing worse than having the phone ring and then stop, just as you’re about to press the OFF button!
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ॐ andavane Remembers now, that he fell asleep while under the gamma Ray thingy.
They told him, mind you.
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ॐ andavane thinks that if you're in places where many types of food are being served:
What somebody else is eating looks so much tastier that what you're having (says he as he exits the Cambridge Folk Festival)
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