ॐ andavane
from Ely, Great Britain (UK)
ॐ andavane thinks like a drowned rat.
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ॐ andavane 's CPAP mask popped during the night.
Not surprising he's been feeling weird all day... :-(
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ॐ andavane feels it's an up-and-downy sort of day
Sploshy rainy, sunny-lovely
Moist and humid,
Sombre yet sober.
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ॐ andavane feels tired.
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ॐ andavane says 'snot so easy to Plurk when you're tired,
And your cerebral circuits don't feel properly wired!
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ॐ andavane Has a writer friend who massages my ankles as I fall asleep. The following day the longstanding 'tweaks' on left ankle have disappeared.
andavane recommends being massaged to sleep.
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ॐ andavane says a toadstool is growing in andavane's epiphyte cabinet.
It's been there for several weeks now.
As Snailrind wd say:
"Long Live the Ephemeral"

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ॐ andavane 's snails are mating again.
They must love each other very much.
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ॐ andavane Atropos : I just thought of your passed friend for some reason.
Was he name Rose?
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ॐ andavane wakes up to a slightly cooler, muggier day.
Misty sun. Birds a-many.
Inner heart beginning to settle down..
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