from Dadiangas, Philippines
-MaRtY- says :-D karma freeze..
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-MaRtY- Statistically speaking, the average person tells 3 lies per 10mins. of conversation.now granted that's just regular people.
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-MaRtY- just do what you say. or else i won't believe it. or lie to me! Honesty bleeds more than is cuts.
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-MaRtY- missing you.. :-(
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-MaRtY- Christ is alive! Happy Easter everyone..
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-MaRtY- Drive to dream to live, we could see the world tonight. Here to hope tomorrow we could see the world. (music)
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-MaRtY- It just takes some time,little girl you're in the middle of the ride.Everything will be just fine, everything will be alright (music).
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-MaRtY- maayong buntag sa tanan.
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-MaRtY- www.dbm.gov.ph/issuance/issuance/NBC529/NBC529.pdf <the congressional office can spearhead the event based on the FY 2011 PDAF Project Menu List.
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-MaRtY- my back aches.. :-(
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