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Manachan Gyazo briefly logged in cause i'm officially 14 y/o, wtf. (Also WTF i didn't noticed that hair is bugged when i've bought it yesterday)
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Manachan https://images.plurk.com/1M8UIcOUExiQP4JECZ4858.png latest commission finished, this one's for Tillie !
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Manachan So, since i try to find something positive even when there aren't... i ended up making the "super late birthday cake" i've promised myself last weekend.
For some reasons it has been a challenge (first time the sponge cake turned out like rubber and i had to trash it)>
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Manachan https://imgs.plurk.com/QzL/Jpg/XPfAvfc88jKlGyRcJpdw7GZIjT3_lg.png why is this such a specific, relatable mood
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Manachan https://64.media.tumblr.com/d477ab10466812210f20ee9ccfc7e69c/b3236c0386769d21-df/s1280x1920/7ce105e0587cfeacf4e71761a46ddcf5928d44cc.png?fbclid=IwAR2eKipH8X0aIB6cxmSM7B6deyc5HYPpvhJZP8Lf66pTRzrz-oeVSVWMrEM me, an introverted cryptid.
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Manachan https://images.plurk.com/1Bnpt04TNUp9dPLPEn3mTQ.png putting this here too, i had recently YET ANOTHER PC ISSUE and i have to recover the money i spent on it, so if you're interested in a commission or you can help sharing this around i would really appreciate it!
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Manachan Feeling like i've been hit by a truck. Vaccine, yo.
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Manachan Been in line from 7PM to 23PM but i'm finally full of Pfizer! Now i'm official a 5G repeater.
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Manachan Started my day throwing up my soul, how's your going?
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Manachan Sure i do love doing linearts she says, doing lineart and hating every minute of it. https://images.plurk.com/3ThEnVdaRBUqJfnoFaia3F.jpg
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