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Abby Preview of new La Malvada Mujer's prettiness
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Abby Back more or less active here after a break for my birthday (i had a friend at my place for a couple of days, so SL WHAT?)
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Abby Leslie Gore - It's My Party AND I CRY BECAUSE I'M OLD TODAY
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Abby alwayshungry-.tumblr.com/post/160848798804 SO FLUFFYYYYYYYYY
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Abby https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4199/34752415415_942574f735_b.jpg La Malvada Mujer&Dysphoria are looking for bloggers (and yes, there's the same person behind both brands)
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Abby Mood:
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Abby https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4162/34563538232_787bb494eb_b.jpg finally able to post this one
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Abby Mean Girls (feat. BlissJanus and NotgetoutalivefroMthe80 )
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Abby Dentist was a pain and friday i have to go again and then again until i die, probably
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Abby mana-sputachu All the Sailor Moon and bunny stuff i saw lately on SL made me do this (but i prefer the flats version, i still don't like the way i shade )
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