Karma 2.50
Madz1 will blog hop tomorrow, see you tomorrow folks!
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Madz1 is just got back from in-laws place, quite tired!!!
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Madz1 is having early dinner because we are going to see my dad-in-law's concert @ 7:30 tonight...
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Madz1 feels the moves of my baby while playing ipod on my tummy... He/she must be like the music... :-)
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Madz1 feels hungy again, the fact that I just had fried rice... oh dear dear dear....hehhhhe
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Madz1 is happy to know that my garden is finishing soon, shed has arrived, fence panels will be next week and hubby will be digging flower beds....
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Madz1 has started to feel my baby's twitching and moving a lot these days, sometimes he/she does it hard & it hurts...
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Madz1 asks everyone to bear with me, will get back to you when I feel better...
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Madz1 is feeling sick all the time, especially in front of computer....
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Madz1 wonders how's everyone's doing....
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